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Riots in Minneapolis

Sorry no info


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Re: Riots in Minneapolis

Disgusting. Each one should be eliminated

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Re: Riots in Minneapolis

The mainstream media created this outrage purposely by forcing stories to go viral that were misleading designed to portray whites as racist and blacks as victims. Even in places like Britain and Australia their news outlets think its important everyone know about a white women in New York who called the police about a creepy black guy grooming her dog.

It started with Ahmaud Arbery the savage and now this belligerent drunk George Floyd who resisted complained and whined about everything, no wonder they didn't listen when he said he couldn't breath he was a fool.

All of this outrage and anger from these people is completely artificial and unjustified. If you're white dont let anyone tell you that you're racist. You punch them on their ugly stupid looking nose.

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Re: Riots in Minneapolis

The info is on my post.


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Re: Riots in Minneapolis

This is the righteous

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