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Real or Mannequin?

Mentally ill man cut dead mom's body to see if she was real: cops
A mentally ill Brooklyn man who had been living with the body of his 91-year-old dead mother sliced her with a knife because he thought she was a mannequin made of rubber, police sources said Wednesday.
The unidentified 55-year-old man had been living with the dead body of his mother, Petrina Masotta, in their Gravesend home for several days, the sources said.
He eventually grabbed a knife and cut her leg with it — causing a “deep cut several inches wide on the woman’s right shin” — because he wasn’t sure if she was a real person or a “mannequin made of rubber,” law enforcement sources said.
The nonagenarian was discovered by her elder son, who lives on the bottom floor of their shared two-story home on 26th Avenue near Benson Avenue.
The 63-year-old man called 911 shortly before 1 p.m. Wednesday, saying his mother had died and his brother was acting erratic, police sources said.
Police pronounced the woman dead at the scene and took her 55-year-old son into custody. He was taken to NYC Health + Hospitals/Coney Island for psychiatric evaluation. It’s not immediately clear if he will face charges, police sources said.
There were no immediate signs of criminality, a different police source said.
The medical examiner will determine the woman’s cause of death.

Documenting Reality

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Re: Real or Mannequin?

Cause of death - she lived with a nut job

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Re: Real or Mannequin?

So many hidden mentally ill people around that are not getting the proper (medical) attention and you get sad cases like this.

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Re: Real or Mannequin?

A lot of nut jobs gravitate to those gore sites to appease their inner demons!

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Re: Real or Mannequin?

Gravesend home...how appropriate

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Re: Real or Mannequin?

This is a first for me. I have never haerd of anyone who thought their mother was a mannequin.

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