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Pothole Saves Girl's Life

FLORENCE, Ky. - A heart-shaped locket was stuck inside the esophagus of 8-year-old Laci Davis, but on the drive to the hospital, a pothole wiggled the locket lose.

The Florence third grader accidentally swallowed the locket while at school Wednesday afternoon. Her mother Amanda Cullum rushed her to St. Elizabeth Medical Center.

Davis says she could barely breathe and was having severe chest pain.

"It felt like something was stabbing me right in the middle of my chest," Davis said.

Doctors referred Davis to Cincinnati Children's Hospital. During the drive, the mother and daughter stumbled across a cure.

"We hit a pothole, and she looked at me and said, 'Oh mom, I feel better,'" Cullum said. "I said what do you mean you feel better? And she said, 'I don't feel it anymore.'"

The bump had caused the locket to fall down into Davis' stomach. She was immediately able to breath normally, and the sharp pain was gone.

"The pothole was my hero, and when I got home I was like 'Thank you bump,'" Davis said.

Doctors will monitor the progress of the locket and say Davis will have to wait a day or two before her locket will be released from the other end.

"It's going to have to come out the old fashion way," Davis said. "I'm just going to get a new necklace because I'm not going through that treasure."

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Re: Pothole Saves Girl's Life

wow, how lucky is that!

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Re: Pothole Saves Girl's Life

I once had a piece of food stuck in my esophagus. After trying everything to get it out with the same pains I went down before the toilet to try to puke it out.

Whatever position my body was in caused the food to go right down into my stomach and I walked out of the bathroom with a smug albeit satisfied face saying 'bullet dodged and mission accomplished'

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Re: Pothole Saves Girl's Life

good for her

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Re: Pothole Saves Girl's Life

Pot holes have screwed more lives up than fixed.

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