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Place Your Bets. Isreal Attacks Iran in ... 

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Old 06-28-2012, 03:54 PM
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Re: Place Your Bets. Isreal Attacks Iran in ...

Originally Posted by rob666 View Post
Before we went into Iraq, Bush & his minions convinced people that we'd only be there for 6 months, it wouldn't cost anything, and that the people would welcome us as Liberators.
I don't think people here will buy that again, at least not our generation.

If Israel wants to do it, then they should do it..... With their dollars, their planes and their bombs.
If they attack Iran, it will be the final blow to the region and Syria going into all out war.

China and Russia cannot sit idly by on this one and when the US/NATO comes to Israels aid it will be like a hornets nest.

I dont want to see nukes falling on my country thanks.

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