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Piracy Warning System to Debut in Months 

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Re: Piracy Warning System to Debut in Months

Originally Posted by TheCapn View Post
You do know thats what the "lulzsec" guys were using and they still got caught?
Im pretty sure the respective government of your country has the time, resources and technology to get around a VPN.
He got caught because the VPN provider gave him up to the police while he was using the service. The movie studios aren't the government. And why would the government spend thousands upon thousands to catch you downloading a song?

This piracy system is a joint venture between some movie studios and record companies to work with ISPs. Basically what will happen is media companies will watch torrents and report the IPs to their ISPs who will then send the user a warning. The ISP may also send out warnings for people using torrents (which I can't see happening because there are plenty of torrents that contain no illegal information).

So if you're using a VPN and studios are watching, all they will see is a different IP. Seeing as they aren't the police, they can't get a warrant to get the VPNs data logs. If they somehow could get data logs, a lot of them reset daily or don't actually keep reports of who does what.
If your ISP wanted to send you a letter, they wouldn't be able to tell what you're doing other than sending/receiving large amounts of data to a couple specific IP addresses (the VPN).

Let's say somehow you did get a letter..drop your VPN and switch because they gave you up. Simple.

Now I know a lot of people aren't using VPNs so do you think they will go through the trouble of going after you on a VPN or just go after an easy target not hiding behind something?

I don't feel the least bit sad for the movie studios or record companies. They are just like churches and the people that have power...they always need MORE MONEY. Maybe when actors and singers aren't making millions and can't afford private jets to their other mansion on the other side of the country..I'll feel a little for them.

I can't understand how about 5 years ago I could watch a movie for $6..now it's like $15. My salary hasn't increased that much and they're hurting..

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Re: Piracy Warning System to Debut in Months

no one cares about the individual that downloads movies, music and games here and there, not a very valuable target, the release groups and people putting the torrents out are a different matter, they are a much more economical target

most ISPs don't care if your torrenting or pirating as long as they don't get DMCA'd because of you, so be considerate, pay your bill on time and use a VPN as suggested and only download stuff from uploaders you trust

and don't download kiddy porn, you'll be fine

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Re: Piracy Warning System to Debut in Months

Google "Private Internet Access VPN" It's the best one out there. 100% Anonymous and cheap. They don't keep traffic logs either. Unrestricted bandwidth too.

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