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People Run For Their Lives As Bus Crashes Into Crowd! 

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Old 08-02-2014, 10:36 AM
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People Run For Their Lives As Bus Crashes Into Crowd!

Accident occured at 8:45 on August 1st 2014, in KabataÅŸ. Driver lost control due to unknown reason. Some say, gas pedal was jammed. As seen in the video, bus keeps accelerating after crashing the taxi. No official reason is announced yet. 16 people are injured and all of them are taken to hospital by ambulances. 1 woman lost her leg. Witnesses say that if accident occured 5 minutes before, there would be a massacre because a boat unloaded hundreds of people to that area.

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Re: People Run For Their Lives As Bus Crashes Into Crowd!

Holy crap! That lady at 24 seconds got slammed by the cab, then slammed by the bus.

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I'll bitch on piss you!
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Re: People Run For Their Lives As Bus Crashes Into Crowd!

Yeah I'm guessing she was the one who lost her leg....

Good job this wasn't in China or she'd have most likely been left there to bleed to death.

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Re: People Run For Their Lives As Bus Crashes Into Crowd!

Never sitting on a bench at a bus station again

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