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Pensioner Dies After Stones Thrown At House 

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Old 12-01-2012, 01:38 AM
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Re: Pensioner Dies After Stones Thrown At House

Originally Posted by Kelly View Post
Indeed, i watched a documentary recently and half the parents didn't give a fuck, even when filmed they said they can't be arsed where their kids are.
As long as they have peace to do what they want they don't care.
Sadly there are a lot of parents like this now and a lot of it comes from those who continuously pop kids out from a young age and live on welfare.
In certain residential areas people are too scared to speak out, if they do they will be continuously taunted and windows smashed until they move.
sadly this is true, parents who don't give a shit what their kids do should be sterilised and the kids should be also, i know it's a fascist thing to do but the problem would be solved in a couple of generations.

i was the victim of similar abuse when i was younger, i wanted to kill the little shits and their parents but i decided not to as nobody would understand the anger i felt as the police did nothing and all my neighbours turned a blind eye as they didn't want to be targeted.

i solved the problem by leaving the country for a few years, sadly those "children" went on to breed and the cycle continues

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