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Owner Gets $2,490 After Hungry Eagle Chomps Swede's Pet Chihuahua 

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Old 02-28-2013, 06:11 PM
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Owner Gets $2,490 After Hungry Eagle Chomps Swede's Pet Chihuahua

A Swedish woman mourning the untimely death of her pet chihuahua has been comforted with cash after local officials determined her canine companion was devoured by a golden eagle.

Karolina Widing, a 38-year-old from Hjortkvarn, near Örebro, was shocked when her pet chihuahua Lilleman ('Little Man') went missing in mid-January.

"After I let the dogs out one afternoon, he never game back. I searched until midnight - I was horrified," she told The Local.

Even stranger, neighbouring hunters couldn't find any tracks from the 2-year-old dog in the snow.

Widing reported the missing pooch to the police, and left her back door open throughout the night in case Lilleman would return.

By morning, Widing resumed the search.

It didn't take long, however, before she was stopped dead in her tracks upon discovering a pool of blood by a wall of the house.

"It looked as if someone had shot him," she explained.

"But there were no prints. It couldn't have been a fox that took him, or anything similar, there was just a pool of blood and then nothing."

Widing talked to more neighbours, and one of them explained that he had seen an eagle flying off with a black object in its claws at the exact time the dogs had been let out.

The neighbour had thought it was a rabbit.

"In some senses, I'm relieved to know what happened to him," Widing said.

"I was so worried that he would have frozen to death. He only weighed 3 kilogrammes."

Widing concluded that the eagle must have indeed taken Lilleman, which explains why there were no tracks from the pool of blood.

She believes the eagle probably didn't get a clean grab of the dog, as Lilleman was near a wall, with the blood a result of a probable fight between the winged predator and the sorely outmatched canine.

While devastated at the death of Lilleman, whom she only owned for a month, Widing nevertheless welcomed a decision by the Örebro County Administrative Board (Länsstyrelsen) to award her with 16,000 kronor ($2,490) as compensation for her pet's premature death.

Since the golden eagle that took Lilleman has protected status in Sweden, Widing was eligible for the sum under the same statues that allow farmers to receive compensation when livestock is killed or harmed by wild animals such as bear, wolf, lynx and wolverines.

Widing plans to use the money to build a safety area for her other pets, and has used the experience to warn others.

"Don't be naive, don't let your dogs out without a leash if you live anywhere near an open area with these eagles," she told The Local.

"The eagles can be very hungry."

The Golden Eagle is one of the more well-known birds of prey in northern Europe, and has strong enough talons to grab animals as large as foxes.

Their wingspan can measure as long as 230 centimetres.

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Re: Owner Gets $2,490 After Hungry Eagle Chomps Swede's Pet Chihuahua

The dog is a bastard gene-flop with nothing good out of it except a small meal.

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Re: Owner Gets $2,490 After Hungry Eagle Chomps Swede's Pet Chihuahua

I wouldn't let a child under 4ft play out in that area!

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Re: Owner Gets $2,490 After Hungry Eagle Chomps Swede's Pet Chihuahua

One day back in about 1983 we came upon an eagle that looked almost exactly like that. It was hopping on the one lane access road to our work location and couldn't seem to take off. Planning on dropping it off at an animal control center we captured it and took it to the top of the hill where we first had lunch before working.
We set it down on the ground with us surrounding it and sat and ate. Some of the guys offered it baloney from the sandwiches they had brought but it was too frightened to eat. It just sat there on the dirt with it's wings spread out. To me it looked like a juvenile, other than that I didn't see any obvious injury to prevent it from flying. There was an open area stretching off to the valley and I suggested we give it a chance to fly off after we had finished eating. So we shooed it toward the clearing and it took a run while flapping it's wings. He seemed to be a bit weak and clumsy but he got off the ground and flew off into the valley. Hopefully he did well and found some little dog to munch on.

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Re: Owner Gets $2,490 After Hungry Eagle Chomps Swede's Pet Chihuahua


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Re: Owner Gets $2,490 After Hungry Eagle Chomps Swede's Pet Chihuahua

out in jordan river vancouver island b.c we get some big fuckers camping out on the beach my grandmother used to have them fly over head as she walked her fat cat sized dog down the beach
its so sweet i have seen an eagle couple in that area for years
lots of cougars and bears to cougars scare the shit out of me i dont like big cats their beautiful but stay the fuck away from me

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