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Re: Omar Khadr Wins Bail

Originally Posted by rob666 View Post
It seems to be that only the slung side of any conflict winds up charged for war crimes
My opinion is that if he was given a trial, a lot of things that our governments don't want to be made public knowledge would come to light.
More lies. There are more than a hundred US personnel, military and private forces, in prison right now for crimes committed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And this ridiculous premise that enemy combatants should get trials in our courts is absurd.

You act like it's a bad thing the military has information and Intel gathering methods they don't want public.

You're one of those fools who don't understand war. You stand back with all your ignorance pretending to hold moral authority. You're such a pompous ass you can't admit you don't have a clue.

Funny how you question who is guilty of war crimes. It's the victim mentality you carry around in that liberal heart. You excuse horrible things because the big bad America interfered in their lives.

Thank God for George Bush, who was brave enough to face the threats facing America. Not cut and run, not make excuses and blaming. He took the fight to people who only understand force, it's all they respect.

Obama shows them our weakness, our disfunction, and our reluctance to stand in their way. And the world is in turmoil because of it.

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Re: Omar Khadr Wins Bail

You done yet?

If you lived in Canada, you'd be in jail for stolen valour. You might not approve of the way Canada handled this case, but we don't tolerate maggots pretending to be soldiers.

Any thoughts on that?

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Re: Omar Khadr Wins Bail

Omar Khadr: Out of the Shadows

Former Guantanamo detainee Omar Khadr, out on bail after 13 years, speaks for the first time in an exclusive interview.


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