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Mother Duck Saves Duckling From Hungry Seagull 

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Mother Duck Saves Duckling From Hungry Seagull

Snatched out of the water by the eagle-eyed bird, things looked bleak for the chick – until mother duck came to the rescue.
Launching itself at the seagull, she was able to force it to drop the duckling and fly off with empty-handed.
The chick had left its brood of 20 for a leisurely paddle on Narrabeen Lakes in Sydney, Australia, when the gull struck.

However, the mother duck was unwilling to let nature takes its course and gave chase, managing to save her young chick from the beak of death.
It emerged from its ordeal with a few ruffled feathers but was otherwise unharmed.
The spectacular airborne attack was captured by Australian photographer John Grainger, who has over 20 years of experience in the industry.
He explained the scene played out 'for about a minute' before the family of ducks managed to escape the attention of the large birds.
Female ducks are known to be very protective of their ducklings, who stay with their mother for about 3-4 months until they learn to defend themselves.

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Re: Mother Duck Saves Duckling From Hungry Seagull

Good for her!! Great save

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Re: Mother Duck Saves Duckling From Hungry Seagull

while feeding ducks in the lake last summer, unfortunately a seagull grabbed and ate a baby duckling. glad to see this!

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Re: Mother Duck Saves Duckling From Hungry Seagull

Go momma!!! That seagull is lucky she didn't take his life.

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Re: Mother Duck Saves Duckling From Hungry Seagull

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