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'Mom' Accused of Killing Disabled Son With Alcohol IV Set Free 

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Old 11-09-2014, 11:19 AM
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Re: 'Mom' Accused of Killing Disabled Son With Alcohol IV Set Free

Originally Posted by CrunchyCripple View Post
It may not have been about her. She may have decided, as his mother - that his suffering was not worth him living.

It may not have been that she didn't want to deal with it (maybe/maybe not) and pawn him off on someone else.

Who knows?
You know what? I don't condemn her either way. Looking after a disabled person is fucking HARD. I've done it.At this degree of disability,who the fuck is benefitting? They're both existing, not living. If the disability was caught in utero or shortly after birth, the child should have been quietly & mercifully let go. I don't condone eugenics or killng disabled people, but this attitude of 'life at any cost' is ridiculous. Sometimes death IS a better option.

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