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Man Shoots Own Son in 'burglary' 

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Old 09-30-2012, 01:07 PM
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Re: Man Shoots Own Son in 'burglary'

Mr Giuliano confronted a person wearing a black balaclava and black clothing, and fired his gun when the person lunged at him with "a shiny weapon".
Silly silly boy doing that even as a joke Oh I feel bad for these people

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Old 09-30-2012, 02:16 PM
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Re: Man Shoots Own Son in 'burglary'

Originally Posted by juliemd View Post
could have been a prank gone horribly horribly wrong.
my thoughts as well.

he carried a knife btw

Tyler was a student at New Fairfield High School and a Civil Air Patrol cadet. Some of those who knew him said he enjoyed spending time with family and flying gliders and small planes. He was adopted by Giuliano and his wife a few years ago, friends said.

One classmate said many students were baffled by what happened.

"I just thought it was so weird when I heard because I knew Tyler, not very well, but he was just a sweet person and he always made everyone laugh.

I met him in the chorus room, actually, and he just wasn't the type to do what happened," said Erin Pallas, 16. "So it didn't make sense to us. It doesn't make sense to the student body."

Brett Rasile, a 14-year-old friend, said he and Tyler were playing an online game called Minecraft while talking and laughing together via Skype until about 10 p.m. Wednesday, when Tyler said he had to go to bed. Brett said Tyler wasn't in any trouble that he knew of, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

"Same old Tyler. He was perfectly fine," Brett said. "He didn't really leave any evidence, any hints towards what he would do."

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Re: Man Shoots Own Son in 'burglary'

Running around in the dark one someone else's property with a knife while wearing a mask is so funny and always ends well....

My thought is that it really was a burglary attempt, the son chose a relatives house because he knew what was there that was worth stealing, and tried to diguise himself with a mask so the relative wouldn't reckonize him. The son charged on the father and the father fired because being full of adrenaline in the dark isn't very conductive to identification or rational decision making.

The next state over from me there was another incident. Police raided a kegger and a teen hid on his neighbors porch trying to avoid getting a MIP. The neighbor shot the teen dead assuming he was a burglar and the media was all over what a bad guy the homeowner was for shooting an intruder without playing asking "hey, are you a burgler or a stupid kid?" first.

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