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Re: Man Revives Bumblebee

Originally Posted by booyah View Post
honey is technically bee vomit, if ya think about it. they eat the flower pollen and when they spit it out, that's honey.
wow never knew that.. in that case, i wonder what their shit tastes like.. would probably give me diabetes.

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I need a nap =|
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Re: Man Revives Bumblebee

Originally Posted by Kanda444 View Post
the other things bees do (cause they dont just make honey) isnt overrated... in fact, we would struggle if they were gone.
I'm aware of the good that bee's provide for humanity, and don't actuallyhate them. I'm actually pretty shocked people took those comments seriously. I thought the overwhelming, ironic absurdity of kicking a bee's nest would have made it obvious that I was being facetious, since having to explain a joke outright kills it :(

The only insects I genuinely hate are fleas, though from a biological viewpoint they're fairly interesting,too.

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Re: Man Revives Bumblebee

Originally Posted by invertigo View Post
OR I'm a country dweller with a facetious sense of humor, either way
With any luck the next wasp nest you run into is in your mailbox :)
Dont have mailbox and I am quite apt at killing wasps, ants and anything I dislike.

If all else fails, flamethrowers are used.

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