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Lying Django Unchained Actress & Boyfriend Charged By LAPD! 

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Lying Django Unchained Actress & Boyfriend Charged By LAPD!

This just in from the Los Angeles Times...

The "Django Unchained" actress and her boyfriend who accused Los Angeles police of unjustly handcuffing her last month in Studio City have been charged with lewd conduct in connection with the incident.

Daniele L. Watts and Brian James Lucas drew national headlines after the couple alleged they were mistreated because Watts is black and Lucas is white.
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Los Angeles police said officers responded Sept. 11 to a call about a couple having sex in a car. The department said Watts and Lucas matched the description of the couple.*

Watts has denied that the couple were having sex and*defended her behavior, writing in*an L.A. Times op-ed*piece that she and Lucas had been stopped four times by law enforcement since late spring.

"Would someone have called the police if it had been a white couple?" she wrote. "Would the sergeant have been so zealous in 'investigating' what was clearly not a crime? Does bias have something to do with how and why Brian and I have been stopped this year? I think it probably does."

But on Tuesday, the Los Angeles city attorney's office charged the couple with misdemeanor lewd conduct. They are due in court Nov. 13. If convicted, they face as long as six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

The LAPD launched an internal affairs inquiry into the officers' actions after Watts and Lucas complained publicly.*Lucas wrote on Facebook that police acted as if the couple had been engaged in prostitution.

The couple's allegations sparked criticism of the LAPD. One of the officers involved in the detention, Sgt. Jim Parker, made public a recording he took of the encounter and defended his and the other officers' actions.

Sgt. Parker*told The Times*he approached the couple because they matched the description provided by the 911 caller and that Watts was uncooperative and left the scene, prompting his colleagues to detain her until they could identify her.

Now...in California there is also a little known law that basically says that if you make an accusation/complaint against a peace officer that you knew to be false when filed...you can be civilly liable (no limit on liability as I recall) to the officer and the department that conducted any investigation. Hopefully Sgt. Parker will follow through with a lawsuit and sue this dipshit back to the stone age...she needs to be made a very public example.

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Re: Lying Django Unchained Actress & Boyfriend Charged By LAPD!

If they would have shut the fuck up they might have walked away with a warning but they escalated it. Playing the 'race card' when IMO that was not the case is discusting and they should be ashamed but they are rich 'celebs' so feel they are free to do what they want. "Would someone have called the police if it had been a white couple?" YES they would.

She could have kept quite and it would have all blown over but these pre-madonna's dont live in the real world. Im not saying they were having sex but from the pics I can certainly understand why someone (a parent perhaps) would call the police and we have yet to see any justification for her reaction

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Re: Lying Django Unchained Actress & Boyfriend Charged By LAPD!

Part of da Black CULTCHA is to act like such a willful low life psycho-b*tch from Hell that you make everyone so miserable that they cave and give in to you.

Playing the race card whenever required and bandying about the spector of Ferguson Ghetto Trash riot type scenarios.

The cops are on to this tired old tactic.

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