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Leading Anti-Marijuana Academics Are Paid By Painkiller Drug Companies 

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Re: Leading Anti-Marijuana Academics Are Paid By Painkiller Drug Companies

Originally Posted by niknik View Post
Ya but pharmaceutical companies make more than just painkillers. They also make medicines that have saved millions of lives, and keeps millions more able to live.
Yeah, but there are better alternatives for many of those medicines too. Ones that are less chemically based.

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Re: Leading Anti-Marijuana Academics Are Paid By Painkiller Drug Companies

I have had some psychological problems in my life and have been prescribed the following drugs -
Chloryl Hydrate

This was many years ago, I was young and naive and I took the medicines. They are still allowed to be prescribed today except for Thioridazine of which I received huge doses. Now it is banned worldwide as it can cause sudden death in healthy people and is toxic to the heart, brain, spinal chord,liver and kidneys. It can cause cancer also, but what the hell, at least the suits and ties made their money to fund their coke and whore lifestyles. I personally made the decision to stop taking all that shit when I was 25 years old, I moved to Amsterdam with 150 pounds in my pocket and built my life here. That was the move that cut me off from medical care temporarily so I had to stop taking the meds. I used the weed to relieve my symptoms which it does perfectly, despite the fact I have schizotypical symptoms like somettimes seeing people who aren't really there. The pharmacy drugs never made that better, sure they stop the hallucinations to a degree but the side effects are 5 times worse than the original complaint. Because of the anti-pyschotics I developed Parkinsonism which is induced Parkinsons disease symptoms.
The weed stops me hallucinating because it makes me sleep and my hallucinations usually happen when I am awake for 24 hours or more, sure everyone trips a bit from sleep deprivation but I sometimes don't know where I am even at home because my surroundings are 100 % altered and I see people and interact with them.
The weed stops that shit coz it makes me sleep. I spoke to my psychiatrist before I left for Holland and told her I was going to stop the meds and just use weed and she specifically asked not to be quoted on it but said for certain people weed can be a good thing and in my case she felt it was.
Thesedays I look back on my pharmaceutical nightmare and am amazed that I ever allowed it to happen, but I guess I trusted all docotrs when I was young.
From personal experience, cannabis is a massive threat to the drug companies because it removed me from a drug program that must have cost the NHS at least 500 pounds per month. Now I spend a quarter of that amount on buying cannabis and occasionally grow a bit as is allowed here (5 plants per person)
Fuck the drug companies. Vote Green :)

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