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Re: Kentucky Fried Brain

they're quite healthy actually lol

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Re: Kentucky Fried Brain

I worked there when I was a teen. It was awesome to get free KFC since its so high priced, but some of the chicken pieces I've seen while cooking there are mutated and nothing like store bough chickens. Nothing as bad as that though >.<

I would also say; Shit pay = Shit quality service.

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Re: Kentucky Fried Brain

That photo of the brain looks like the brainy-looking part under the back/pelvis(which is on the top rear of a full chicken...for any of you out there who cut or have ever cut up ypur own chicken). The next time I cut up whole chickens, i will try to remember tgo post this piece for you as I use the back parts for making stock and in soups.

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Re: Kentucky Fried Brain

I eat there occasionally, but, I pick off the skin and look at every piece before I eat it. The grilled is too dry and doesn't taste the same.

I've seem little pieces that resemble brains and ate them, but, I thought they were probably organs lower in the body since they don't sell the heads.

Reminds me of a movie, "Big Man on Campus", in which a guy who was a loner, a hunchback, lived in a bell tower and not knowledgable of, "normal human activities", was taken to a mall.

The guy with him told him to order any body parts of the chicken he wanted and Bob said, "Two faces!"

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Re: Kentucky Fried Brain

Anytime a restaurant offers a meal with connotations of mayhem, you might expect a "Glorious" outcome...just be thankful the "Surprise" wasn't filled with the chicken's last week of assorted bits of cement, gravel, excrement, and of course the yearly dose of steroids and antibiotics that insure your health and safety after eating a 10 lb bird designed to be 9 oz.

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