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Kajetan Poznański: Manhunt for 'Polish Hannibal Lecter' 

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Old 02-11-2016, 09:25 AM
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Re: Kajetan Poznański: Manhunt for 'Polish Hannibal Lecter'

Originally Posted by facing_reality View Post
Yeah. Wow. I just don't see it. Of course I'm not gay, but I'm now feeling my notions of "male attractiveness" to females has been askew for some time....
Okay, listen guys and gals.

Not only, as per the article is he intelligent, but he is not exactly the Hunchback of Notre Dame. He's not ugly, come on.

Those two qualities put together will make him attractive to others, like it or not. Which may increase his potential victim pool from which to choose.

That makes him more dangerous than your average psycho, in my opinion.

Stay hopeful; stay humble.
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Re: Kajetan Poznański: Manhunt for 'Polish Hannibal Lecter'

I could see the likeness if he ate his victims tongue.

Black eyes is supposedly a sign of demon possession.

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Re: Kajetan Poznański: Manhunt for 'Polish Hannibal Lecter'

Investigators have found not only the dismembered body of Catherine J., but also bones of someone else.

Less interesting, but also proved is that the 27-year-old tormented animals. On the balcony he had a box in which animals were hold.

Journalists revealed who the members are of the family of the murderer. His mother is a prosecutor, the father runs a company dedicated to interior design. Neither she nor he would comment on the matter, as well as his sister, an architect, and his grandfather, a former journalist of the Polish Radio.

This is a person capable of anything. Suspected is that not only he is a serial killer, but also a cannibal. It could even be a member of a sect of cannibals.

He reportedly has been seen near the Bieszczady Mountains which is a mountain range that runs from the extreme south-east of Poland through Ukraine and Slovakia.

Local media near Bieszczady told that police officers patrolling the area and asking questions if somebody saw him. According to witnesses, the officers showed them his picture.

The police increased activity around a local shop. Employees had to answer questions related to the visit of a man who recently visited the store several times.

They suspect the man came into the store with a woman and he resembled the murderer from Warsaw.

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Re: Kajetan Poznański: Manhunt for 'Polish Hannibal Lecter'

I'm surprised that Merkel and/or Obama isn't trying to get him as a 'migrant'.

All he has to do is get a fake Syrian passport with a name like Omar Achmed Schmegma, start attending a moo slum Terror Indoctrination Center (aka 'mosque') and he is 'in'.

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Re: Kajetan Poznański: Manhunt for 'Polish Hannibal Lecter'

A murder suspect who became known as Poland's Hannibal Lecter has been arrested in Malta, bringing an end to a Europe-wide manhunt. Kajetan Poznański was held in the Mediterranean island from where investigators believe he planned to cross to Africa, local media reported.

Detectives followed his trail there through Germany and Italy, according to news outlet Tvn24. The 27-year-old librarian was listed as one of Europe most wanted men after Polish authorities issued a European arrest warrant for him over the killing of his languages teacher in Warsaw, earlier in February.

His profile on the Europol's most wanted fugitives website has been taken down, confirming news of the arrest. Poznański went on the run after allegedly killing an Italian language teacher, whose name has been given only as Katarzyna J. on 3 February.

Detectives believe he murdered the 30-year-old woman with one of the samurai swords he collected, and then dismembered her body. He transported the remains back to his home and set the house on fire before fleeing the country.

Poznański, who had no previous criminal record or history of metal issues, was dubbed in the media Poland's Hannibal Lecter after it emerged he was fascinated with the fictional character from the book The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris. The young librarian had even reportedly written a poem in Latin dedicated to the sharp-thinking cannibal murderer.

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