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Jeb Bush: 'People Need to Work Longer Hours 

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Old 07-15-2015, 01:32 AM
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Re: Jeb Bush: 'People Need to Work Longer Hours

Originally Posted by niknik View Post

Nobody said it was. Stop changing the debate pocahontas.
You said job losses have nothing to do with unions. That is the point I disagreed with. You basically said that was a complete fallacy created by the Republicans.

I said their are several factors that play into America losing jobs.

Cheaper labor, less restrictions, less taxes, fewer laws, less environmental protections, UNIONS, poor trade agreements on and on.

My point is proven by the fact that unions have lost jobs over the last 30 years. And non union jobs numbers are basically the same. I'm not saying the economic conditions are great .
They're terrible. But if you pay attention to the workers, they don't want the unions. And just because you unionize doesn't mean you get higher wages.

What you make 2% more? That 2% ends up in the unions pockets anyway.

But as I said, I'm not arguing that the jobs situation looks good. I'm saying unions cost us jobs. Jobs we didn't have to lose, jobs we couldn't afford to lose.
And how many of these issues can you compete with Mexico on?

The Unions didn't cost you shit. They can relocate to a right to work state, or another state where they won't be unionized.

Unionization has been declining, and just about the same rate that the wage gap has been growing.

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