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Ice Cream Cart Bombing

A string of suicide bombings across Afghanistan, including one by a young boy pushing an ice cream cart, has killed at least 21 people today - many of them children.
The worst attack took place in the Khakrez district of Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan, where a roadside bomb killed all 16 people travelling in a minibus, including eight children.
Provincial police chief Abdul Raziq said the bomb was planted by the Taliban and was intended to kill NATO or Afghan force.

Afghans walk past the site of a suicide bombing in Laghman province after a spate of attacks killed 21 people today:
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In one of the attacks a boy pushing an ice cream cart killed a child and wounded several others after blowing himself up in Ghazni:
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In the eastern province of Khost, a suicide bomber blew himself up outside the local police headquarters in the Shai Kali area, killing three policemen and a child.
Among the four killed in the blast was police chief, Mohammad Zahir Kahn. It was unclear whether Mr Kahn was specifically targeted.
Health director Hedayatullah Hamidi said 25 people were also wounded in the attack.
A second suicide bomber, this one pushing an ice cream cart, killed one child and wounded three more in the central province of Ghazni.
Eyewitness Asadullah said: 'The suicide attacker was a young boy with a thin beard and moustache wearing a scarf.
'He was pushing an ice cream cart. I was just standing 20 metres from him and then he exploded.'

Relatives carry the body of a child killed when the ice cream cart exploded:
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It comes as the UN released an interim report on civilian deaths that shows that 368 people were killed in May and 593 were wounded, making last month the deadliest for Afghan civilians since 2007.
The UN said insurgents are responsible for 82 per cent of those civilian deaths, while 12 per cent were attributed to the international alliance and Afghan forces.
Home-made bombs, such as the roadside device that struck the minibus in Kandahar, were the leading cause of death, according to the report.
NATO airstrikes, a frequent cause of tension between the Afghan government and the alliance, were responsible for 3 per cent of civilian deaths in May.
The UN, which is preparing a mid-year civilian casualty report for 2011, said it decided to release interim numbers because of the high rate of killings last month.

A UN report has said May was the deadliest month yet in terms of civilian casualties in Afghanistan since the war began:
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Many of the civilians killed in Afghanistan are caught by bombs planted to hit NATO or Afghan security forces:
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Re: Ice Cream Cart Bombing

them fuckin people are just plain messed up in the head

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Re: Ice Cream Cart Bombing

They don't even remember why they are fighting at this point. They just want to hurt people.

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Re: Ice Cream Cart Bombing

Stupid war.

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