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'I Got The Wrong Courtney': Man Picks Up Incorrect Girl From School 

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'I Got The Wrong Courtney': Man Picks Up Incorrect Girl From School

Nearly charged with abduction.
A man narrowly escaped abduction charges after he mistakenly picked up the wrong girl from a New Jersey school.

Courtney Durr was waiting to be picked up by her mom's friend after school in Gloucester City, N.J., on Tuesday. At the same location, Art Deaner was supposed to pick up his friend's daughter, Courtney Fetters.

When Deaner arrived and saw Courtney Durr, who looked vaguely like the girl he was told to pick up, he called for her to come inside his vehicle.

"I told her I was looking for Courtney,'" said Deaner. "And the young girl said her name was Courtney."
"I got off the bus and he pulled up and he asked if there was a Courtney," said Courtney Durr. "I said, 'Yeah.' My crossing guard let me go and I went with him."

Courtney Durr knew she was being picked up by her mom's friend so she reluctantly went inside. There was only one problem: Deaner was supposed to pick up 6-year-old Courtney Fetters, not 9-year-old Courtney Durr.

Deaner hadn't seen Fetters in some weeks and the girl recently got a haircut so he assumed Durr was the Courtney he was looking for.

"My girlfriend called me and said, 'Where's Courtney?'" said Courtney Durr's mother, Pam Durr. "I said, 'Well she's supposed to be at the bus stop waiting for you.' She said, 'She's not here.'"

Deaner said he started to realize something wasn't right when he talked with the girl about a recent vacation.

"He was like, 'You weren't with Aunt Mary in Maine?'" said Courtney Durr. "No, I would never have been in Maine."

"I know Courtney was in Maine for two weeks," said Deaner. "I had to turn around and take her back. I got the wrong Courtney."

Police, however, were already on his trail. They pulled Deaner over and arrested him.

The crossing guard noticed that Durr went inside a vehicle that she didn't normally go in. Fearing an abduction, the crossing guard recorded Deaner's license number and alerted police. After asking him several questions, however, police say they realized it was all a mix up and didn't file charges.

Courtney Fetters was found safe and sound while Courtney Durr was reunited with her mother.

"I forgive them!" said Pam Durr. "They didn't know any better because they haven't seen her in a while."

There was also a lesson learned.

"Don't go in someone's car when you don't know 'em," said Courtney Durr.

While Deaner had trouble recognizing the right Courtney, he tells NBC10 he'll always remember what she looks like now.

"I won't forget," said Deaner. "I'll take a picture."
<****** width="480" height="270" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight='0' scrolling="no" src="http://hub.video.msn.com/embed/cbe26910-4ae6-4a96-a6d7-9102153fac01/?vars=YnJhbmQ9djUlNUU1NDR4MzA2JmNvbmZpZ0NzaWQ9TVNO VmlkZW8mZnI9c2hhcmVlbWJlZC1zeW5kaWNhdGlvbiZsaW5rb3 ZlcnJpZGUyPWh0dHAlM0ElMkYlMkZ2aWRlby5hdS5tc24uY29t JTJGJTNGbWt0JTNEZW4tYXUlMjZ2aWQlM0QlN0IwJTdEJTI2Zn JvbSUzRCZzeW5kaWNhdGlvbj10YWcmY29uZmlnTmFtZT1zeW5k aWNhdGlvbnBsYXllciZsaW5rYmFjaz1odHRwJTNBJTJGJTJGdm lkZW8uYXUubXNuLmNvbSUyRiZta3Q9ZW4tYXU%3D">
<A href="http://video.au.msn.com/?mkt=en-au&vid=cbe26910-4ae6-4a96-a6d7-9102153fac01&from=shareembed-syndication&src=v5:embed:syndication:&from=dest_en-au" target="_new" title="9RAW: 'I got the wrong Courtney'">Video: 9RAW: 'I got the wrong Courtney'</A>

Art Deaner, of Gloucester City, N.J., near Philadelphia, was supposed to pick up a girl named Courtney Fetter, 6, left, from school on Tuesday. But he mistakenly picked up Courtney Durr, 9, right, and was later stopped by police.

Art Deaner was pulled over by police after a crossing guard saw Courtney Durr get into his car. Deaner was supposed to pick up another little girl, Courtney Fetter, from school on Tuesday.


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Re: 'I Got The Wrong Courtney': Man Picks Up Incorrect Girl From School


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Re: 'I Got The Wrong Courtney': Man Picks Up Incorrect Girl From School

At least it ended well!

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Re: 'I Got The Wrong Courtney': Man Picks Up Incorrect Girl From School

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