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How the War on Drugs Gave Cartel Its Own Kingdom 

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Re: How the War on Drugs Gave Cartel Its Own Kingdom

Originally Posted by Hvergelmir View Post
If narcotics are legal, how would there be a demand for illegal ones?

Unless you're talking prescription drugs.

Look at portugal.
Their drug usage statistics went down after they decriminalised everything.
Ok Ill play the game.

Why are people doing Meth and other things when cannabis is easily bought?

Meth destroys your body but they don't care, it gives them a great high so I've heard.

Ecstasy and cocaine users as well, why not drink red bull and get pissed?

People want to get that buzz legal highs and good feeling drugs wont do. As long as these people exist, there will always be a demand for illegal narcotics.

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