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How to Not Get Beheaded 

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Re: How to Not Get Beheaded

Originally Posted by FunkPumpkin View Post
I've had several well-to-do "ladies", who formerly had no interest in self-defense, ask me to help them arm themselves and train them in the use of said-arms. Mind you, most of these are elderly widows with some means. Not your first-choice for the stereotypical-American "bacon-eating-obese-fossil-fuel-guzzling-gun-toting-fat-ass"-type (as presumed by you often-uppity Euros). These are women who know me from the church I wandered away from. They called me, which was (honestly) shocking, as I hadn't attended recently.

They're afraid of, not only beheadings, but also localized home-invasions to steal their wealth to pawn off to ISIS. Now, IMO, one should always be prepared against home-invasion; if you're not, you *will be* after someone will harvest you and your precious belongings. (Right, 305?)

Back on point, this is nothing new. These women were always susceptible to robbery, but thought living in a gentrified area protected them from harm. Now that their kids gave them smartphones (and, unwittingly) awareness, they're finally waking up. And these women, many of them rich widows far-beyond my dating-range, want to be responsible for their own security in their own homes. They live alone, many with large dogs, but those canines aren't enough any more. It seems they're going from passive to active.

Hell, I know a lot of people are changing their routines because of this. That's the scary part about America. We're too big to take at-once. And we may not have RPGs and AKs at every corner, but there's about a bazillion 30-30s out there. And that's just the start.

I just had to interject the story about the rich widows wanting to learn how to shoot-n-scoot.
This is why in their magazine they seem to shift focus on other none gun owning countries. Seems they harbor a heavy hard on for france.

leaving people pounding their refresh button circa 2010.
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