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Hawaii Woman Told To Shorten Her 35-Letter Last Name For Driver's License 

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Old 09-16-2013, 09:36 AM
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Re: Hawaii Woman Told To Shorten Her 35-Letter Last Name For Driver's License

Just change it to Smith and be done with it.

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Re: Hawaii Woman Told To Shorten Her 35-Letter Last Name For Driver's License

My name is not even near that, but thanks to Finnish systems, my middle name does not fit into official papers, bank cards, school reports etc. Just how many times have I had to explain that yes, my bank card has a man's name on it, but it is really mine... Since the missing three letters turn my middle name into a man's name. And "yes, that is my graduation paper".

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Re: Hawaii Woman Told To Shorten Her 35-Letter Last Name For Driver's License

Since my mother and I have the same name, except for the middle initials, we always use them.

Most people still leave them out so I've been adding our middle names to things.

Causes all kinds of messes with mail, medical records, credit, etc.

Never name your child after yourself! As adults, it's a pain in the ass!

And our social security numbers begin with the same three numbers, 22 years apart.

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Re: Hawaii Woman Told To Shorten Her 35-Letter Last Name For Driver's License



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Re: Hawaii Woman Told To Shorten Her 35-Letter Last Name For Driver's License

This is in Hawaii, they should have a license that accommodates ridiculously-long traditional Hawaiian names... we already fucked them out of their island and killed-off their tribal leaders, at least let them continue the tradition of passing down family history through their names.

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