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Gay Man Beaten & Burned Alive in Scotland Murder 

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Gay Man Beaten & Burned Alive in Scotland Murder

23 October 2011

Gay barman Stuart Walker killed and set on fire
A gay man killed in Cumnock, Ayrshire and then left at the side of the road with "horrific" injuries could have been the victim of a homophobic attack, it has emerged.

It's believed Stuart Walker, 28, was beaten and burned alive before he was left in the early hours of Saturday morning.

His charred remains were found by a member of the public at 5am on Saturday in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Detectives launched a murder inquiry on Sunday following the grim discovery, with streets in a nearby industrial estate sealed off as part of the ongoing investigation.

Strathclyde Police confirmed the body had scorch marks and the victim had suffered horrific injuries.

A spokesperson for the force said relatives of Mr Walker, the former assistant manager at the Royal Hotel in Cumnock, Ayrshire, have been informed of his death.

Strathclyde Police would not rule out Mr Walker had been murdered because of his sexuality and were now closely examining all aspects of the victim's life.

Detective Inspector John Hogg, Ayr CID, said: ''Stuart had been out with friends in the Cumnock area earlier during the night and was last seen alive by a family friend near to the fire station in Glaisnock Street around 2.30am hours on Saturday morning - nearly two and a half hours before he was found.

''It is imperative that we find out where he was between 2.30am and 4.50am hours, who he was with and why this happened to him.

''From our enquiries so far, we understand that there may have been a number of house parties in the nearby Netherthird housing estate in the early hours of the morning - between 2am and 3am hours.

''At this time we do not know if these parties are linked to our investigation or not, so again, any information on that is important.

''Officers are checking CCTV and carrying out door to door in the area and we would encourage anyone with information to approach them or to call Ayr Police Office."

Kazza Sutherland used to work with Mr Walker at the Royal Hotel.

She said: "Can't believe this is happened to such a great guy. I hope they catch those who did this to him. Hopefully justice will be served and I hope those who did this go to hell."

The popular former Cumnock Academy pupil was the subject of countless heartfelt tributes on a Facebook page set up in his honour.

Many friends have paid tribute to the popular man, including Amanda Lindsay, who said: "Poor Stuart can't believe ur life ended in such a horrific way xx a young man who always had a smile on his face & put a smile on everybody elses face too xx I'm sure ur's will be the brightest star in the sky xx R.I.P ma lovely."

Victim Stuart walker

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Re: Gay Man Beaten & Burned Alive in Scotland Murder

thats fucking sad were just starting to move forward so they can have the rights they deserve , just to move six steps back
“You're not a victim, you're a lesson to all of us."- Lady Gaga

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Re: Gay Man Beaten & Burned Alive in Scotland Murder

Police have said that a gay barman may have been sexually assaulted before he was murdered.

The 28-year-old had been beaten and burned.

Detectives said that Mr Walker’s “lifestyle” is the “main focus” of the inquiry and that they have not ruled out a homophobic motive for the attack.

Chief Superintendent John Thomson said there was a “possibility” that he had been sexually assaulted before being killed.

Officers have confirmed that Mr Walker was found lying on the ground and was not tied to a lamppost, as initial reports said.

Few details of his injuries have been released but Mr Thomson said he had been subjected to an “extremely violent and sustained attack”.

He said the attack was not thought to be random and that it was likely Mr Walker knew his attackers.

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Re: Gay Man Beaten & Burned Alive in Scotland Murder

anyone would think we were still living in the olden days.

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Re: Gay Man Beaten & Burned Alive in Scotland Murder

On average, about 6000 people are murdered every day. Shame this guy gets killed for sucking cock.

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Re: Gay Man Beaten & Burned Alive in Scotland Murder

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Re: Gay Man Beaten & Burned Alive in Scotland Murder

I don't get homophobes! They should be in therapy so things like this doesn't happen anymore. All they do is draw attention to themselves as being insecure in their own sexuality. Very sad.

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Re: Gay Man Beaten & Burned Alive in Scotland Murder

Originally Posted by diamondsmiles View Post
All they do is draw attention to themselves as being insecure in their own sexuality. Very sad
I disagree. I'm not condoning Beating gays up but how would that make a straight man insecure with his sexuality ?

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Re: Gay Man Beaten & Burned Alive in Scotland Murder

Gay-bashers are trying to assert their masculinity... as if it's somehow in question in the first place... or being challenged by someone who happens to be (or appears to be) homosexual. It's said what they hate (actually fear) most is what they sense might be going on inside of them. I don't think that's true of every guy who beats on gays, though. Gays are just an easy, socially-sanctioned target. That last part is becoming less the case, however.

"The one true god is between a woman's legs."

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Re: Gay Man Beaten & Burned Alive in Scotland Murder

Discrimination will always exist, sexists will exist, racism will exist, orientation haters will be there... There is a group of people who just are plain ignorant... you can't stop the ignorant people.. you can tell them a million times and they won't get it. Not all.... but you know at least one ignorant person who will never accept something just because he/she doesn't want to.

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