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Found After 500 Years, the Wreck of C. Columbus’s Flagship the Santa Maria 

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Old 05-15-2014, 12:22 AM
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Re: Found After 500 Years, the Wreck of C. Columbus’s Flagship the Santa Maria

Being a Historian, who studies Spanish colonialism and exploration, and who just so happen to be reading a Columbus book when I found the article, I am overwhelmed with anticipation at what we will learn from this epic of all finds. It does sadden me to see the History channel involved, perhaps the last thing that should ever be associated with History. I'm quite sure nearly every Latin History department, and any true Historian in all the world will be more than willing to give even the smallest donation. History needs to be preserved, and remembered as it was, and with such a find, the world needs the best of the best of the Historical and recovery crews in the world for this.

Please always remember, especially with such a topic, we must remember the past through the circumstances of the times in which those people lived. And above all else, we of the contemporary, must never judge those of the past by our standards.

I do hope, with every ounce of life within me, that every effort to restore this item to its finest restoration, will be done. This way we can place it in Santo Domingo with the Admiral of the Ocean Sea, and unite Captain and ship forever.

If anyone here has not read about the man, and his 4 voyages, please do, you will not disappoint yourself in any way. Read his notes, view his maps, hear his words, see his life, know the story, know what really happened, and not some romanticized idea we have come to know. The life of Columbus is perhaps the most real life romantic tale that the world has ever known, and needs to be fully understood, and bears no need for embellishment, and most certainly not a History channel histo-drama.

Finally, the pictures of Columbus we have, are in no way what he looked like in real life. The popular portraits we have were done for centuries after the great explorer had perished. In all honesty we have no portraits from his life, and have no idea to what he looked like, outside from written descriptions. Pictured below is a 16th century portrait of his son Ferdinand.

For any information you would like as to what Columbus would have looked like, here is a link to a very fascinating essay that covers this topic. http://commfaculty.fullerton.edu/les...s/admiral.html

Pictures: 1.Tomb of Columbus. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

2. Portrait of Ferdinand Columbus.

3. Tomb of Columbus. Seville, Spain

There is much debate to the final resting spot of the Admiral, but you will have to find that one out, it's really interesting. You may even have apart of him in your grandmothers attic too.

Documenting Reality



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Re: Found After 500 Years, the Wreck of C. Columbus’s Flagship the Santa Maria

Ah, good ole' Christopher Columbus; he massacred a lot of people.

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Re: Found After 500 Years, the Wreck of C. Columbus’s Flagship the Santa Maria

Surprised there is anything left after 500 years.

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Re: Found After 500 Years, the Wreck of C. Columbus’s Flagship the Santa Maria

So cool!

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Re: Found After 500 Years, the Wreck of C. Columbus’s Flagship the Santa Maria

"Thar be trayshure..."

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