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Fake News Story Results in Man Firing Rifle in Pizza Shop 

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Old 09-04-2018, 01:19 PM
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Re: Fake News Story Results in Man Firing Rifle in Pizza Shop

Originally Posted by William May View Post
Sorry, but you are a complete nutcase! There is NO EVIDENCE to support this. Just the same grade of crap as the evidence that supports that Obama was actually born in Kenya.
If there's no evidence to support it, then debunking it would be easy.

Agreed, that some things are being taken out of proportions, and even "theories" are developed with fake narratives. But in the infancy of this, it boils down to actual evidences that never went answered. In fact, it was all but completely shut down within a week with the help of mass media, influential people, even the fucking pope chimed in.

Only one news broadcaster tried to approach it with an objective questionnaire, and was promptly shut down.

If you seen your neighbor write the same emails, and post images with crude pedophilia level jokes on his social media, and you reported them, their entire house would be stripped and the people reported ran through the local news for days over it.

The reasons it has evolved to weird crap like shoes, faces being eaten off, and whatever weird crap surfaces is because the accusations were never thoroughly investigated and a resolve met. Now, you have tons of dis-informers creating false content to muddy the narratives, until it becomes too stupid to entertain, thus, allowing the sick fuckers off Scott free.

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