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Explosion at Manchester Arena 22 killed, 59 injured 

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Re: Explosion at Manchester Arena 22 killed, 59 injured

There's a whole America of Dylan roofs that's a lot of white waste people

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Re: Explosion at Manchester Arena 22 killed, 59 injured

Well it's been said that the normal people are the ones who are insane.

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Re: Explosion at Manchester Arena 22 killed, 59 injured

Originally Posted by Meridian View Post
The difference between the concert attack and London Bridge is that the former was a bomb inside an arena full of kids. Total panic and stampeding ensued. The area was evacuated. No one was thinking of filming the scene they were running for their lives. There is one vid showing bloody bodies filmed by a victim still inside.

The latter was on a bridge full of passers by and emergency services were on the scene while others milled about. Much easier to film the scene but even then there is limited footage because as a nation we don't tend to film stuff like that.

It's pretty sad to be so misguided in your hatred. The government isn't behind this other than in the sense that not enough is being done to catch these nutters before they cause carnage. Police numbers have been cut by tens of thousands. Young muslims are being radicalised. There's anger warranted but I think yours is aimed in the wrong direction.

Please! Give me a break. You just refuse to believe your precious country could be capable of something so horrendous. False flags DO happen and not just in America.

Where is the update and injuries of the survivors? I can't find any.

Actually there was a ton of videos and pictures from the London bridge attack. You can't say your nation doesn't take film and then have reasons why one attack has some and the other doesn't.

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Re: Explosion at Manchester Arena 22 killed, 59 injured

What about the survivors ariana met with at the hospital? She spent alot of time with them, even facetiming their friends and loved ones. Met with one of the victims Mother and cried with her. I agree tho, there definately arent enough pics. But ive been to this ariana tour and i will tell you its tons of young girls and teens with and without parents. 99% of the ppl would not risk taking a few moments to take a pic. They r trying to get their kids out of there. Ppl are mushing into each other, sandwiched trying to get out. I remember walking to the car after seeing ariana in Philly. Thinking my god, this would b a perfect time for a terrorist to strike. So many fucking ppl. I still cant get over that i actually thought about a bomb going off during our concert. And it happens just a couple months after.

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