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Ded Dead: the Assassination of Russian Crime Boss Aslan Usoyan (‘Ded Khasan’) 

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Ded Dead: the Assassination of Russian Crime Boss Aslan Usoyan (‘Ded Khasan’)

News is just breaking that Russian (actually Kurdish Yezidi from Georgia) crime boss Aslan Usoyan (‘Ded Hasan’ or ‘Ded Khasan’ — ‘Grandfather Hassan’) was shot and killed last night in Moscow. Apparently a sniper took him down (some say with a head shot, but probably multiple hits) as he was leaving a restaurant (initial accounts vary, but it was almost certainly the Stary faeton on Bolshaya Nikitskaya, known as his favored hang-out). He died in intensive care at the Botkin hospital.

While the details of the hit will emerge soon enough, the fundamentals are clear — another classic Russian mob killing, reflecting rising tensions within the national underworld as well as the prosecution of a long-running feud(s). The 75-year-old Usoyan was one of the foremost leaders within the Russian underworld, but at a time when that underworld is going through a process of realignment due to a number of forces, not least the increasing flow of Afghan heroin through the country. This was the third assassination attempt in his underworld career, after one in Sochi in 1998 and then another in Moscow in 2010. The latter was a result of his running feud with Georgian mobster Tariel Oniani (‘Taro’) who is currently in prison but still managing his extensive crime empire from behind bars. His feud with Oniani dates back at least to 2007 and has been one of the defining pressures within the Russian underworld.

Who might be behind the hit? The obvious potential suspects are three:

Tariel Oniani, perhaps the most dangerous godfather in Russia today, even in prison. His Georgian-dominated grouping is not the largest in Russia (ethnic Russian networks like Solntsevo are larger and better-connected) nor possibly the most potentially lethal (I’d still put money on the Chechens), but he has a powerful organization, a ruthless character and the kind of passion for prosecuting vendettas that you’d expect from a Georgian. He is also especially powerful within the burgeoning world of heroin trafficking through Russia, giving him money and thus power, friends and guns… The police seem to be pointing the finger this way, and I confess it’s where I’d put my money, too.

Rovshan Janiyev, an Azeri godfather whom Usoyan reportedly accused of the 2010 hit. Janiyev, known as ‘Rovshan Lenkoranskiy’ (‘Rovshan of Lenkoran’), is one of the most influential South Caucasian criminal figures, who clearly aspires to succeeding Usoyan as leader of the ‘mountaineers.’ His own criminal organization spans Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Moscow, where it has begun competing with both Usoyan’s and Taro’s interests. He is also allied to fellow gangster Dzhemo Mikeladze (‘Dzhemo’) and makes for a dangerous enemy, not least because, being something of an outsider, he has less to lose and fewer constraints.

Zakhar Kalashov (‘Shakhro Junior’), a one-time ally of Usoyan’s. When the Georgian Kalashov was arrested in Spain in 2006, Usoyan appointed the vor ‘Lasha Rustavsky’ to be the guardian of Shakhro’s assets and the group’s obshchak. However, Oniani claimed to be owed a share and this led to a split the Georgian criminal diaspora and led to the defection to Oniani of violent gang leader ‘Merab Sukhumsky’ and his brother Levon, a noted contract killer. Nonetheless, more recently, Kalashov appears to have had increasing disputes with Usoyan, and he may have decided to sort these out in more definitive way, especially if in the process this might heal the rift with Oniani.


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Re: Ded Dead: the Assassination of Russian Crime Boss Aslan Usoyan (‘Ded Khasan’)

"Russian crime boss" could easily describe Putin and all his cronies!! Great post thanks for the info

Meant to give this 5 stars but hit 4 by mistake, sorry

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Re: Ded Dead: the Assassination of Russian Crime Boss Aslan Usoyan (‘Ded Khasan’)

let's hope they all kill eachother

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