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Cuba's National Volleyball Team Suspected of Gang Rape in Finland 

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Old 07-17-2016, 01:24 AM
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Re: Cuba's National Volleyball Team Suspected of Gang Rape in Finland

Originally Posted by imi View Post
fat and old womens in general do not like rapists Usually they choose young or middle-aged, slim or normal physique womans
Rape is a crime of violence. Grandmothers, overweight women and women you may find to be unattractive are victims of rape.

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Re: Cuba's National Volleyball Team Suspected of Gang Rape in Finland

This is true. I have read many stories of babies, children, disabled people, dying people, dead people, old people, beautiful people, ugly people, diseased people, wealthy, poor people, man, woman, tranny. All types of people can and have been victims of rape. It's so narrowminded to even envision that only attractive people would get raped.

It's a dominance thing, one would have to be completely devoid of empathy to commit rape and it's quite apparent that rape doesn't have much of a preference. It's an opportunistic act.

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Re: Cuba's National Volleyball Team Suspected of Gang Rape in Finland


Five members of Cuba's national volleyball team have been convicted of raping a Finnish woman during a World League tournament in Tampere.

Four of the men, including the captain, were given five-year jail sentences while a fifth is facing a prison term of three and a half years.

They were detained in the southern Finnish city on 2 July after a woman said she had been raped at a hotel.

Eight men were originally held. Two were released soon afterwards.
Another of the players was released from detention at the end of August and acquitted by the court in Tampere.

The team had been taking part in a tournament ahead of the Rio Olympics when the rape took place at the hotel in which the players were staying.

The men had denied the accusation, insisting the woman had given consent.

The men given the longer sentences included 27-year-old captain Rolando Cepeda Abreu, Alfonso Gavilan, 21, Ricardo Calvo Manzano, 19, and Osmany Uriarte Mestre, who is also 21. Luis Sosa Sierra, 21, was given a shorter sentence.

They were ordered to pay €24,000 (£20,500; $27,000) in compensation to the victim.

As the allegations emerged, two of the team coaches were sacked.
Despite its depleted squad, Cuba fielded a team in Rio and lost all five of its matches.

The details of the rather gruesome events have been released in the Finnish press, maybe soon in the international media as well. A five year rape charge is very rare in Finland I must say.

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