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Benefit Cheat Snared on CCTV

A benefit cheat who was caught on CCTV in a new year brawl with police, despite claiming he could not leave home without a walking stick, has been jailed for 15 months.
Timothy Harris, 46, from Northampton, told benefit officials he could not leave home without a walking stick after a wall fell on him.
But he was captured on CCTV at around 3am on January 1, 2008, on a violent rampage around Northampton town centre lasting more than 15 minutes, Northampton Crown Court heard today.
A prosecution of that incident, for which he received a suspended sentence, led to an investigation by the Department of Work and Pensions.

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The probe found that between January 2006 and November 2010, Harris fraudulently claimed Income Support, Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit.
The court heard he failed to declare a change in his circumstances and was found to have received £54,729 cash which he did not declare.
He also claimed Disability Living Allowance, claiming he could hardly walk - yet was spotted on CCTV during the January 2008 incident fighting, running and jogging, the court heard.
The total loss to the public purse was £21,438.66, the court was told.
Harris pleaded guilty to three counts of failing to notify a change of circumstances previously.
He was also sentenced today for breach of a suspended sentence handed to him for the New Year's Day affray, and a charge of possession of cocaine on another occasion.
The total sentence was 15 months in jail.

Judge Richard Bray told him: 'I have to sentence you first for social security fraud.
'You received a total of £21,000 by fraud. I appreciate that these claims were not fraudulent from the outset.
'However, there are two aggravating features. These offences you committed over a lengthy period of time and in various forms.
'Secondly and most importantly, you had been claiming disability allowance on the basis that you had an injury that made it almost impossible for you to walk.
'In fact, you were caught on CCTV in the midst of an affray on the street after drinking and taking drugs where you were seen to be running about and taking part in the affray.'
Earlier in the hearing, the judge said: 'If you start claiming benefits on the basis that you can hardly walk and you are busy seen running up the street, that is an outrageous fraud on the social security and should be measured as such.'
Rashad Mohammed, prosecuting, said the Department for Work and Pensions had been alerted to the fraud by police after the investigation into the affray.
He said Harris started claiming benefits towards the end of 2003.
'The Income Support was paid on the basis that he was not working and was a lone parent,' he told the court.
'The Disability Living Allowance was paid at a high rate which is usually paid to people who are either unable to walk or virtually unable to walk.
He said between 2006 and 2009 Harris received £54,729 which he failed to declare, which worked out at an average of about £212 per week.
He said the CCTV footage from January 1, 2008, also showed Harris' condition had considerably improved.

Mr Mohammed told the court that in interview Harris admitted to police that he had taken cocaine that night and was drunk.
He told officers the money he had received had come from insurance and personal injury payouts from car accidents.
The court heard Harris had 11 convictions for 23 offences, stretching back to 1984, which included drugs, dishonesty and violence.
He was found on May 6 last year in the passenger seat of a car with two bags of the substance.
A search of his car, which was parked next to the one he was in, found more of the drug, and Harris later pleaded guilty.
Gary Short, mitigating, said the 46-year-old had developed a 'firmly established pattern' of crime during the 80s and 90s.
Harris was jailed for five years in 1999 for manslaughter,
Mr Short said the 46-year-old moved away from his friends and associates on his release but then developed a cocaine habit, which he has now kicked.
'In terms of the benefit fraud I have very little to say about that save this - he made effective admission in interview stating that he had been working for cash whilst claiming benefits.'


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Re: Benefit Cheat Snared on CCTV

if he shoulder barged my gf like that he'd be getting something smashed over his head

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Re: Benefit Cheat Snared on CCTV

hope he ends up in a wheelchair some day .

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Re: Benefit Cheat Snared on CCTV


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