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Re: Animal Shelter Abuse

just threw up. some people are too cruel to be out in public.

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Re: Animal Shelter Abuse

I hate reading stuff like that... seriously. I hope those assholes fucking die.

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Re: Animal Shelter Abuse

In regards to memphis animal shelter-the sad thing is they just recently cleaned house after being all in the news last year!! i guess nothing has changed after all...just watched the videos. Life, the greatest gift is also our greatest waste.

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Re: Animal Shelter Abuse

Originally Posted by paingiver View Post

The actual problem is gross over breeding for profit and no legally mandated population control.

Once again this is just my opinion on how people do no actual research on a topic and overlook the real cause of the issue.
Paingiver, no one is disputing that fact. I volunteered at an American SPCA shelter when I lived in the States. Many animals were 'euthanised'. In fact Wednesday was 'kill' day. I hated it.
I asked the person who was in charge of the shelter how she determined which animals died on that day...I was sickened to hear that she went along the cages at random saying "this one goes, this one stays, this one can go, get rid of this one".......
I told her that seemed really callous. She told me "After working here for many years you realise you cannot save every animal. You become detached in the fact that you have to make room for more animals coming in".

IF people stopped breeding animals or had the animals they give homes to spayed or neutered the problem would not be half as bad as it is. Of course animals shelters kill animals. They only have so much space for incoming animals. And if you are at a 'no kill' shelter then that animal is locked up for life..nothing more than a prison for animals.

What is YOUR solution?
Oh and thank you for the 'fuck off' to my post. Very informative.

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Re: Animal Shelter Abuse

I groaned your post for the same reason I did the others. Which I have removed all thanks and groans upon posting this. Since this conveys my feelings better.

The fact that peoples first response to criminals violent ignorance is more violent ignorance is why I groaned. As you said "I would sincerely love to do the same to those scumbags." and who wouldn't but what would that solve other than appeasing everybody's hurt feelings through more aggression and acts of inhumanity? Which does nothing to further us as the human race. Remember the old saying violence begets violence well we are the ones that makes that true by letting are disgust and anger get the best of are conscience.

You ask what is my solution and I believe I have already answered that question by stating that there is no mandated law on population control.That would be the first step in cutting down on the amount of euthanized animals. Obviously I am aware that animal populations are out of control and there is no quick fix alternative other than to humanely eliminate them. I am positive it could be done with more discerning judgment though.

Also my whole point in my prior post was the fact that people themselves are no better than the degenerates committing those horrendous crimes by wishing harm on the perpetrators. There should be less focus on getting even or instilling a eye for a eye policy in these situations and more focus on solving the real issue.

Not the animal abusing citizen but the genocidal corporations that would rather kill millions than work for a permanent solution to a ever growing problem. No matter what we do or how many animals are on this earth there will always be someone who abuses them but there doesn't always have to be a organized elimination of millions.

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Re: Animal Shelter Abuse

Hope they get the same treatment in jail

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Re: Animal Shelter Abuse

This makes me sad. My sweet Bella, a toy poodle, had to be put to sleep in May and I decided that this fall I would save a poor dog from the 'green mile'. A couple weeks ago, I adopted two 6 year old rat terriers. Brother and sister, they were at the shelter for four months before I decided to take both of them. It was hard to walk by the sad faces I wouldn't be adopting, but I was glad to be able to save two lives. Hansel and Gretel are so sweet and are mostly getting along with my two cats. I just hate to see an innocent victim getting beaten for something they didn't do. Our furry friends are more important than we realize.

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