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5yr and 18mth Kids Stabbed by Mum then Kills Herself! 

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Old 10-15-2014, 10:32 AM
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Re: 5yr and 18mth Kids Stabbed by Mum then Kills Herself!

Originally Posted by An_Empty_Memory View Post
You got the point there, TheVrist. With the technologies here, a lot of evil people have been exposed which make it easier for us to catch them...but it is still sickening to know what they are up to, nowadays and it frightens us big time. Especially the safety of our future generations.

I am kinda scared for my son to be one of the victims and be known on the Faces of Death which I HOPE will never happen! I will not go overboard on his protection though...but I will at least teach him the dangers of the world we are in today when he gets older and is more aware.

I sometimes lose some faith in the humanity but I know not all humans are awful. We need to get the discipline back like old times. Just don't go overboard on it that will be classified as a Child Cruelty ugh.

Oh and if they can't feed their own children or take responsibilities then don't fucking breed them. It annoys me how people will go too far to take the masks and hand sanitizers to protect themselves from the Ebola yet won't use the condoms from having children/AIDS/HIV.

Well said
We need certificates to do everything else but have babies, the most precious gift a person can have

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Re: 5yr and 18mth Kids Stabbed by Mum then Kills Herself!

I would be all for voting in laws to regulate Child bearing. Sounds communistic, but really, some people shouldn't be having kids.

Release the potheads, lock up irresponsible breeders.

leaving people pounding their refresh button circa 2010.
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Old 10-15-2014, 11:09 AM
10 strip & chill <3
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Re: 5yr and 18mth Kids Stabbed by Mum then Kills Herself!

Sad news

It's a sign of the times.

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