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18 Children Die in China Landslide 

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Old 10-05-2012, 03:23 AM
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18 Children Die in China Landslide

18 children confirmed dead in China landslide

Beijing: Rescuers have found the bodies of all 18 children buried when a landslide engulfed their primary school in China as they made up classes lost due to recent deadly earthquakes, state media said on Friday.

The landslide, triggered by sustained rains, buried the school and three farmhouses on Thursday in the village of Zhenhe in Yunnan province where a pair of earthquakes last month killed 81 people and injured hundreds.

Any last hope for survivours evaporated early on Friday when rescuers pulled the body of the last missing child from the landslide debris, China National Radio said in a report on its website.

The disaster in the village of Zhenhe is likely to raise questions over why the children had been brought back into the school, located in a deep mountain valley, when the rest of China was on a week-long national holiday.

But local officials have said the children needed to make up class time lost due to disruptions stemming from the September 7 earthquakes.

China has a highly competitive education system built around cramming for high-stress testing that determines entry into good schools later.

A local villager also was buried under the rubble and has yet to be found by rescuers, China National Radio said.

State media reports initially identified the school as the Youfang Primary School, but subsequent reports have said its official name is the Tiantou Primary School.
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Re: 18 Children Die in China Landslide

Shit, that's the area I'm supposed to visit next spring, Kunming.

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Re: 18 Children Die in China Landslide

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Re: 18 Children Die in China Landslide

poor kids

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Re: 18 Children Die in China Landslide

sad to hear they all died. the families:(

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Re: 18 Children Die in China Landslide

The worst part being that everyone else was on vacation, they should not have even been there.

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Re: 18 Children Die in China Landslide

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