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14 Year Old Boy Murders 52 Year Old Man. I Witnessed It 

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Old 01-11-2015, 09:17 AM
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Re: 14 Year Old Boy Murders 52 Year Old Man. I Witnessed It

Sad to hear; hope youre okay mate. Yep feral kids: the apple doesnt fall far from the tree, a bit of digging will probably unearth a chaotic dysfunctional family life, with no dad as the male role model, or if hes there at all is probably a mutant. I call this generation in the Uk Generation F, for Fucked. One can only hope that the next generation are somehow better people, but with parents like this kid, I doubt it. Implosion of society is coming very soon, the status quo will be restored hopefully, because it cant get any worse that it is now. Of course theres always been gangs, kids will always gravitate to a group where they feel a sense of worth and belonging, but now these gangs run drugs and guns, and its very close to home for a lot of people. A young lad who I know was shot in the hip a few months ago. He was only 16, and was accosted by a group of 3 youths who belonged to a gang who had had beef with some of this lads mates, and they pulled a gun and shot him in the pelvis. He lost half of his stomach, and a lot of blood, he nearly died actually. Really awful. Another one: a friend of mine, her son was shot in the hand and arm, as he confronted a youth who had stolen his sisters mountain bike. The guy actually put a gun to my friends head, so as her son intervened he was shot in the arm and hand. Hes a lovely guy; really decent and hard working, never caused his family any trouble at all.Horrifying isnt it? Heres the story about it here:http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/...onting-3321742

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