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12 Year Old Boy Takes His Life After Being Bullied for Being a Cheerleader 

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Old 12-30-2014, 09:54 PM
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Re: 12 Year Old Boy Takes His Life After Being Bullied for Being a Cheerleader

Originally Posted by joro1972 View Post
How about the fault of the parents of the bullies Mr Poo? They obviously are ignorant or condone their children being ignorant red necks who can't tolerate another human beings happiness if it doesn't conform to their narrow minded beliefs. Why shouldn't any kid pursue happiness without bigoted idiots taking away their enjoyment? Those bullies are the ones in the wrong - and where do they learn their behavior?
Well you're just assuming the said bullies parents were complicit or neglectful in the bulling which may or may not be the case. I just feel the parents of this boy should have fully prepared him for other little kids making jokes at his expense or possible bulling him.

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