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11 Year Old Kills 8 Year Over "no" 

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Old 12-02-2015, 11:02 PM
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Re: 11 Year Old Kills 8 Year Over "no"

Originally Posted by azdesertsnake01 View Post
Obviously you don't comprehend what the word "wannabe" means. That is a white person who wants to be black. So I don't see how your example disputes that. In fact it proves I'm right. Elementary "skool" in the 70's?

Then I'm sure if you dug deep enough, you would find that her parents were hippies from the 60's who believe "all we need is love" and probably had more minority friends than their own race. Which I will say is their business, however it still proves my point.

So where was girl and her parents from? I'm going to go out a limb here and say most likely not a farm in Montana? Let me guess, California? New York? Etc.? I'm willing to bet her parents would be VERY liberal.

If from TN as you say in your profile, then that explains it ALL too! It's a name that someone from the south would name their child because they are trying to imitate black culture. Blacks have a LARGE presence in TN and ONLY the worst part of their culture seems to rub off on other people in the south.

Such as pants down around the knees showing their underwear, NAMES of children, etc. Yeah, they have contributed much to mankind in the south.

So what qualifies me to speak so boldly about TN you ask??? Because I'm from that backwater ass state! Oh and I was a kid in elementary school there in the 70's. Outside of that, what the fuck do I know? ROFL!

If you went to school in TN, then that also explains why you aren't very knowledgeable. The "skools" there STILL suck. I don't even want to go into what a fucked up mess they were 40 years ago!
It took me about 6 years after (proudly) getting kicked out of high school there to get my head straight and deprogram myself.

Now I make a very good living as a business owner who literally created his own business out of thin air. The ONLY thing I use day to day that I "lurnd" from "skools" in the south is reading and basic arithmetic. I could have dropped out after the 3rd grade and be at least as far ahead in life as I am now.

As far as me keeping my feelings to myself, perhaps you should practice that yourself before telling others to do it.

Sorry if you took my comment personally because of your first crush on a little girl named latasha. You should write a country song about that. Nashville is within a 200 mile radius of wherever you live in TN! lol!

Well, aren't you just cute. Funny, how proud you are of getting kicked out of high school. Boy, your parents really must have been proud. What was it? Drugs? A piss poor academic record? You perform a lynching in the parking lot, during lunch?

Your rambling diatribe only helps prove my point of your (no so implied now) racism. Why does any particular name have to be "black"? So, are you saying that black people are wannabes, if they name their children Ted, Robert or Charles? Hey guess what. Maybe they liked the name? Man, you seriously put too much effort into trying to discredit her folks.

To answer your question, as far as I know, she and her family were originally from east Tennessee.

I'll never be one to defend the performance records of the school systems in my state. There's plenty of data that says we consistently rank in the lower three or four states in the country, as far as spending per student and testing scores go.

Now, with that said, you go on like everyone in the state is an imbecile. I'd be willing to go out on a limb and say that most of my friends are probably more intelligent than you are (myself included). Hell, absolutely each and every one of my friends managed to actually graduate high school, so they have all definitely gotten you beat there.

Anyway, you don't like it here. That's fine. Not everyone does. In all actuality, it sounds like the state is significantly better off, now that you're gone.

(And no thank you, about the song. I loathe country music, and there aren't any mountains in Nashville.)

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