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Three Year Old Madelyn Eaves Calls 911 With A Song 

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Three Year Old Madelyn Eaves Calls 911 With A Song

In June, 2008 a Guthrie (Okla.) 3 year-old remembered her mother’s “song” on how to dial 911 from her Blackberry device. She used “nine, one, one, green….” repeated as a song to make the call when her pregnant mother fainted. The mother recovered.
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A 3-year-old girl used a simple song her mom made up to teach her how to call 911 to summon help when mom fainted.
When the 24-year-old and 3-months-pregnant Jessica Eaves fainted, Madelyn used the song "911 Green" to dial for help on her mother's BlackBerry phone, punching in 911, then the green send button to place the call as she had been taught just a week before.

The girl was connected to a dispatcher. In recently released transcripts of her May 27 911 call, Madelyn was able to answer questions about her house and cars outside, leading emergency workers to the home.

This isn't the first time Madelyn has used a cell phone to call for help for her mother.
A year ago, Eaves first learned she had a condition that can cause frequent fainting and made up a simple song around the lyrics "green, green, green."

When Eaves lost consciousness back then, Madelyn picked up a cell phone and pressed the green button, which called the last person Eaves had called and that person called for help. So Eaves revised the words to "911 green, 911 green," referring to the color of the send button on most cell phones.

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Re: Three Year Old Madelyn Eaves Calls 911 With A Song

Nice story, brightened my day

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Re: Three Year Old Madelyn Eaves Calls 911 With A Song

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Re: Three Year Old Madelyn Eaves Calls 911 With A Song

That is as uplifting as it is remarkable.

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