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Several 911 Calls From The Ian Stawicki Cafe Shooting 

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Several 911 Calls From The Ian Stawicki Cafe Shooting

Multiple shootings – In June 2012 a man entered a Seattle coffee shop, shot five people and killed four. He left, later carjacked a vehicle and fatally shot the driver.

Hours later Ian Stawicki was spotted by an officer, and when cover units moved in to make an arrest, he fatally shot himself. Listen to the logging tapes: 911 from the initial shooting, 911 from the carjacking, radio the final sighting of the suspect by officers.

On May 30, 2012, just before 11:00 a.m., Stawicki walked into Café Racer in the University District of Seattle, Washington. The staff there recognized him from being thrown out, police said, and reminded him of that. Stawicki lingered for a bit, and then walked near the door. He pulled one of his two pistols, both .45-caliber handguns, and shot his first victim in the back of the head. The man's body blocked the door, taking away an escape route.

One man fought Stawicki, throwing a bar stool at him and using another bar stool to fight him. The distraction allowed two or three people to escape through the door the shooter had blocked. Stawicki then went near the bar and shot the others execution-style, police say. As he left, Stawicki took a hat from one of the victims. Stawicki killed four patrons and wounded the café's chef.

Half an hour later, he killed another woman in a parking lot next to Town Hall Seattle on First Hill while carjacking her SUV. Later that afternoon, he committed suicide on a sidewalk in West Seattle as police closed in. The perpetrator previously owned six handguns (three 9mm handguns and three .45-caliber handguns), including the Para-Ordnance pistol he used in the shootings. As a result of the shootings, several schools, including Roosevelt High School and Nathan Eckstein Middle School, were put on lock-down for student safety.

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Re: Seattle Man Shot and Ran Over Her

You can see and virtually walk around inside this Café on Google maps streetview which was probably shot before this incident. It's kind of trippy.

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Re: Seattle Man Shot and Ran Over Her

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Re: Several 911 Calls From The Ian Stawicki Cafe Shooting

Look- I know these operators have to ask all of this stuff about 'what does they look like, where did they go, blah blah', but listening to them drone on is fucking irritating as shit. Most of these callers are traumatised as hell and it's hard to be cool and collected when you're looking out on carnage from a damn public restroom.

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