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Oklahoma City 911 Calls About The Shane Rhea Shoot-out 

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Oklahoma City 911 Calls About The Shane Rhea Shoot-out

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In that shoot-out, Samathan Monden, 30, was fatally shot, two Oklahoma City officers were injured and two other men were critically injured.

At 3:42 p.m. that day, police received a call from a 19-year-old woman who said she was at the Interstate 35 Travel Plaza, 1317 SE 44. The woman identified herself as Tiare and said people at the Plaza Inn motel were trying to kill her. The woman sounds upset as she talks with the 911 call taker.

The woman’s last name was not distinguishable from the 911 call and police did not release her name on Tuesday.

At 4:10 p.m., 28 minutes after the initial 911 call, a police dispatcher assigned an officer to respond to the “trouble unknown” call. It was determined to be a “Priority 2” call, meaning “a crime just occurred in which a person’s life, safety, or property was put in jeopardy,” according to Oklahoma City police call priority classifications. A “Priority 1” call is when “there is immediate danger to a person’s life or safety.”

The first officer arrived to meet Tiare at 4:17 p.m., 35 minutes after the 911 call, according to police dispatcher notes. Three other officers arrived within minutes.

The officers placed Tiare in a police car and went to the motel to knock on the door of room 167. Inside the room were Shane Rhea, 39, Samantha Monden, 30, Bonnie Boen, 30, Erik Patterson, 29, and Randell Williams, 57.

According to court documents, when officers knocked on the door of the room, they asked for “Catfish,” an alias of Rhea.

Then, without warning, Rhea opened fire with a handgun, wounding officers Sgt. Cody Koelsch and Sgt. Grant Brooks. Rhea also shot Williams. Williams’ condition was not available.

Sgt. Clint Music returned fire at Rhea before Rhea fled the room holding Monden hostage. At 4:58 p.m., an officer radioed dispatch that Koelsch and Brooks were shot. A minute later, the officer notified dispatchers that Rhea was on the move. At some point, Rhea fired one shot at officer Christina Daino, according to court records. She was not injured.

Around this time, Tiare called 911 again from the back of the police car. In the recording released Tuesday, she is clearly upset, breathing heavily and crying. She tells the dispatcher she is still afraid that people are going to kill her and she wants to be let out of the car.
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In the background of the call, officers can be heard calling for ambulances to transport the injured officers and Williams.

When Rhea left the motel, he ran through a wooded area onto nearby I-35 and then to an adjacent frontage road on the east side of highway. While on the interstate, Rhea tried to hijack a car, pointing a gun at the two occupants and demanding they let him in. The couple managed to drive around Rhea, who moments later was confronted by officers.

At that point, Rhea shot Monden. A spokeswoman for the state medical examiner’s office said Monden died from a close-range gunshot to the head. She also suffered a gunshot in her right forearm. Master Sgt. Jeff Locke then shot Rhea with a rifle. A semi-automatic handgun was removed from Rhea afterward, authorities said

On the 911 call, Tiare tells the dispatcher she sees “Catfish” outside the car. Capt. Dexter Nelson said the car was parked near room 167 but it is unclear whether Tiare actually saw Rhea while on the phone. Nelson said investigators believe the woman was intoxicated during the shoot-out.

On Friday, Rhea was charged in Oklahoma County District Court with murder, four counts of shooting with intent to kill, assault and battery, kidnapping and two counts of pointing a firearm at another.

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Re: Oklahoma City Shoot-out Fatally

Shane Leon Rhea is a 39-year-old ex-con with a long criminal record who’d been released from his latest prison stint in June.

Samantha Rae Monden was a 30-year-old married mother of two young children and a former nurse, who appears to have had no criminal record.
Bonnie Boen, 30, is also a mother. The former Zumba instructor who graduated from Mustang High School in 2002, recently moved back to the Oklahoma City area from Lawton.

Erik Patterson, 29, is her new boyfriend, according to a relative.

Randell Leon Williams is a 57-year Oklahoma City-area resident.

On Wednesday afternoon, the seemingly disparate group had gathered in a southeast Oklahoma City motel room. Just what brought them together in Room 167 of the Plaza Inn motel at 3200 S Prospect Ave. remains a mystery. But the result was a shoot-out that left Monden dead, two officers wounded, Rhea and Williams hospitalized in critical condition, Boen and Patterson in police custody and investigators and family members still searching for answers.

“Nobody has any idea why she was there,” said Monden’s cousin, Cassi Walker, 29, of Clayton. “We don’t know. We don’t understand. We have more questions than answers. We don’t know.”

One apparent common link is a history with illegal drugs.

Monden was fired from her job as a staff nurse at the Norman Veterans Center in May 2012, accused of taking Lortab, a powerful prescription painkiller, for personal use, according to state Board of Nursing records. She voluntarily surrendered her nursing license later that year.

Williams is facing a felony charge after being arrested Sept. 27 in Cleveland County on a complaint of possession of a dangerous controlled substance — oxycodone, another powerful prescription painkiller. A 2008 charge against Williams in Carter County on possession of drug paraphernalia was dismissed. Police also reported finding narcotics on Williams after Wednesday’s shoot-out, although they declined to say what kind.

Acquaintances said Rhea, Patterson and Boen also were involved with illegal drugs.

A hostage situation

The incident began about 3:40 p.m. Wednesday when police received a 911 call from a woman, who police initially said they thought was Boen, claiming she was being held in a room against her will and feared for her life.

Officers responded about 45 minutes later. When Sgt. Cody Koelsch, Sgt. Grant Brooks and Sgt. Clint Music approached the room on the southeast side of the motel several shots were fired from inside the room, police said.

Brooks and Koelsch each were shot in an arm and a later examination revealed that another bullet tore through Koelsch’s uniform shirt and lodged in his ballistic vest. Both officers were treated at a hospital for their injuries and released later that night, police said.

Police say they were told by suspects inside the motel room that Rhea shot Williams, who remained hospitalized Friday in critical condition.

After the initial shooting, Rhea fled the motel room using Monden as a shield. He ran through a wooded area onto nearby Interstate 35 and then to an adjacent frontage road on the east side of highway. There, Rhea shot Monden when he was confronted by an officer, police said. The officer, Master Sgt. Jeff Locke, then shot Rhea with a rifle. A semi-automatic handgun was removed from Rhea afterward, authorities said.

Rhea was arrested on several complaints including murder, kidnapping and shooting with intent to kill.

Boen and Patterson were being held on outstanding warrants from other counties and had not been charged in the shooting Friday. No complaints had been filed against Williams on Friday.

Police have yet to say how many shots were fired during the incident which brought rush hour traffic to a halt and eventually led to the closing of I-35 for three hours. The investigation could take several weeks, police said Friday.

The cause and manner of Monden’s death were under investigation at the state medical examiner’s office, a spokeswoman for that office said Friday.

Stay-at-home mom

Monden’s father said Friday his daughter had been depressed in recent months. Sam Robinson said he thought his daughter was down because “she was 30 … and she was still living at home with her parents.”

Monden, her husband and their children lived in Robinson’s home in Lexington, the same home where Monden grew up.

Robinson said his daughter moved out three weeks ago.

“We kind of had a falling out,” her father said. “She got to where she would scream and cuss her mother and I … I just wasn’t going to have it.”

“I don’t know why she was changing,” Robinson said. “It seemed like her personality was changing to where, at the drop of a hat, she would just get very defensive.”

Monden was born in Texas, grew up in Lexington and attended Noble High School and Rose State College. She attended Mid-America Technology Center in Wayne, where she completed the practical nurse program in June 2003.

Robinson said a fund is being set up to help the family at all BancFirst locations. He said Samantha Monden will be cremated.

Donations to the Monden family fund can be dropped off at any BancFirst location or mailed to BancFirst, 1201 W Main, Norman, OK 73069.

Monden was a stay-at-home mom for her son Xander, 5, and daughter Layla, 4. Her Facebook page said she was “Chief executive officer at full-time stay at home mommy & wife, and I love it.”

Her husband, Isaac, was too grief-stricken to talk Friday, Robinson said.

Walker, Monden’s cousin, said she hated that Monden wouldn’t see her kids grow up.

“She loved her kids more than anything,” Walker said.

Monden’s Facebook page also listed a favorite quote: “Life’s too short so eat dessert first!!”

Robinson, 55, an oil-field worker spoke to the media Friday afternoon at his home in Lexington. He said he had no indication that drugs were involved in his daughter’s final moments. He said police have told him little of what happened.

“She was being held hostage and eventually he used her as some kind of human shield,” her father said.

He recalled his daughter as an animal lover who also loved to be outdoors.

“And everybody just loved her. That’s why this is so hard, so pointless. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Robinson said.

Monden was a funny, smart, sweet, kindhearted and loyal person who lit up the room and loved her friends and family unconditionally, Walker said.

“She’d do anything for anybody,” Walker said. “She gave all she had to the people she loved, and I’ve seen her help complete strangers on the sidewalk.”

‘No doubt’

Joe Shaddix, Boen’s husband, said his wife had problems with methamphetamine in the past. Boen has two children, an 8-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl, but hasn’t had custody of them for two years. Shaddix and Boen have been separated since 2012 but are still married.

“She told me she was clean, but I can tell from her mug shot that she was not,” Shaddix said.

Boen and Erik Patterson were dating, Shaddix said. Patterson and Boen knew Shane Rhea before Wednesday. Shaddix had met both Rhea and Patterson in the past year.

“This was about drugs,” Shaddix said. “There’s no doubt about it.”

CLARIFICATION: An Oklahoma City woman involved in a shoot-out at a southeast Oklahoma City motel last week is the birth mother of two children. The story did not make clear the children were later adopted by someone else.

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Re: Oklahoma City Shoot-out Fatally

drugs and a guy with a long criminal record and shit like this happens. they were probably there to take drugs and group fuck.

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Re: Oklahoma City Shoot-out Fatally

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Re: Oklahoma City 911 Calls About The Shane Rhea Shoot-out

Man this bitch is so.fucking frustrating, people.just crumble when faced with an emergency

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