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Moms Girl Gets Jumped. Mom Gets Herself Killed 

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Moms Girl Gets Jumped. Mom Gets Herself Killed

On September 29, 2007 Latasha Shaw had come to Driving Park Avenue in response to an assault on her 14-year-old daughter by a group of girls and women several minutes earlier. Shaw called 911 at 7:27 p.m. to summon police to accompany her to the house where her daughter's attacker had fled. She was on her cell phone with a 911 operator when a large crowd raced from the house and began assaulting her.

This is the audio from her call.

Family of Latasha Shaw Celebrates Arrest in Murder Case

Rochester, NY – The family of murder victim Latasha Shaw is celebrating three wins today. Shaw's mother Betty Grayson was out buying a shirt to commemorate Barack Obama's election when she got a phone call from a local reporter.

"They called me on my cell phone and said they'd made an arrest in my daughter's murder, and they told me the name. And I'm jumping up and down in the store, just hollering, telling everybody, 'they made one arrest, they made one arrest!'."

Terrance Mack, 30, of Elmira, is charged with first-degree gang assault in the September 29, 2007 murder of Shaw. This is the first arrest in the case. Shaw's family and community leaders have been frustrated, repeatedly calling for justice in the murder of the University of Rochester employee and mother of four.

Grayson told WXXI that, as of Wednesday afternoon, the Rochester Police Department (RPD)had not notified her. An RPD spokesperson would not give details of Mack's arrest, but court records show he pleaded not guilty and is being held in lieu of bail.

Rochester police have had a tough time cracking the case. Shaw was beaten and stabbed to death by a mob as she attempted to extract her daughter from a fight. There were numerous 911 calls about the incident, but police say they've had trouble getting witnesses to talk or point to those involved.

Mack is charged with first-degree gang assault for hitting Shaw over the head with a bottle. Police are not charging him with the stabbing that caused Shaw's death. Grayson says she's hoping Mack points to others who were involved in the murder, and that more arrests are forthcoming.

The historic presidential win and the breakthrough in Shaw's murder were not the only good news Grayson received today. Another daughter gave birth to a new grandchild this morning. The baby girl is named Latasha.


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Re: Moms Girl Gets Jumped. Mom Gets Herself Killed

In May, a jury found Terrance Mack guilty of gang assault, for his role in the mob beating and stabbing death of Latasha Shaw. Judge Frank Geraci sent Mack to prison for 25 years.

“Mr. Mack should be made an example,” said Charnette Grayson, Shaw’s sister. "No man should hold a woman down for her to be tortured, basically the way she was.”

Police say Mack grabbed Shaw, held her down and hit her with a bottle at the corner of Dewey and Driving Park Avenues in September of 2007. Police say an angry mob beat and stabbed Shaw to death, in front of her two young daughters, following a dispute involving a large group of people.

Terrance Mack Mack's cousin, Ebony Mack, is charged with murder, for allegedly stabbing Shaw during the fight. During his trial, Terrance Mack insisted he wasn't even there, but rather in Elmira -- a point he angrily tried to reinforce at sentencing.

“An innocent man went to jail today,” said Paul Vacca, attorney for Mack. “Injustice has done, in the Hall of Justice today.”

Vacca plans to appeal. He says police nabbed the wrong man.

“It's shameful that this was done to Terrance Mack,” said Vacca. “And he's going to jail for 25 years. It's a sad day.”

Prosecutor Sandra Doorley says the evidence in the case was strong, and it all pointed to Mack – though she wasn’t surprised by his claims of innocence.

“It's a position he's taken since the beginning,” said Doorley.

Several relatives of Mack stormed from the courtroom following the sentence, yelling in displeasure with the proceedings.

“All them (expletive deleted) should have been burned the (expletive deleted) up,” said one family member, who refused to give her name. “He should have did it!”

Before sentencing, Judge Frank Geraci referred to Mack's history – which includes arrests for violence, drug and weapons charges. He was sentenced as a second-time felony offender, for a drug-related conviction in the Elmira area.

Ebony Mack will stand trial for murder in July. Regarding the large group who police believe attacked Shaw, she's the only other person charged in the killing.

For others, who may have attacked her sister that day, Charnette Grayson has a message:

“Let them enjoy the time they have left,” she said. “Eventually God's going to put it to work, and they'll be doing what we're doing. Suffering on something.”

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Re: Moms Girl Gets Jumped. Mom Gets Herself Killed

Horrible attack.

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Re: Moms Girl Gets Jumped. Mom Gets Herself Killed

Eight years ago, 36-year-old Latasha Shaw was beaten and stabbed to death by a mob that prosecutors in Rochester, N.Y., said included more than a dozen people.

A witness testified that Terrance Mack hit Ms. Shaw in the head with a bottle and pinned her as others bore down on her.

Mr. Mack, who denied he was at the scene of the attack, was convicted of gang assault. In 2009, he was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Then, in May, a state appellate court reversed his conviction.

Charnette Grayson, Ms. Shaw’s sister, remembered receiving the news from the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office. It was something about jury notes.

“I couldn’t tell you what happened,” she said. “I’m speechless.”

The Fourth Department Appellate Division ruled that the trial judge failed to respond to questions from jurors deciding Mr. Mack’s fate. His case is one of more than two dozen since 2011 in which New York appeals courts have wiped out convictions over the handling of notes that jurors send to trial judges for clarification on points of law, to get a second look at evidence presented at trial and to reveal when they are deadlocked or have reached a verdict.

Half of those rulings came in 2014 alone, according to state prosecutors and a review of court records—for reasons that aren’t entirely clear.

Prosecutors and defense lawyers said turnover on the bench and inexperienced assistant district attorneys likely played a role.
Ebony S. Mack was found not guilty Friday of killing a mother of four in a street-corner slaying that helped launch Rochester's Zero Tolerance anti-crime initiative.

Monroe County Court jurors acquitted Mack of second-degree murder, first-degree manslaughter, first-degree gang assault and second-degree gang assault in the death of Latasha Shaw, who was beaten and stabbed by a mob at Dewey and Driving Park avenues on Sept. 29, 2007.

Ebony Mack, shown in the center of the picture below, was met by supporters Friday evening when she was released from the Monroe County Jail after being found not guilty of charges related to Latasha Shaw's death.
The 'no snitching' philosophy and courtroom shenanigans = no justice for Latasha Shaw's family...

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Re: Moms Girl Gets Jumped. Mom Gets Herself Killed

Some people are stupid, "I'm fin to go to day house".

So she knows a big group jumped her daughter, what did she really think was going to happen?

If you go looking for a group of violent people for some sort of revenge you better have a gun....

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