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Linda Stein 911 Call By Daughter

Linda Stein's daughter, Mandy Stein, calls 911 after finding the celebrity realtor unconscious and bleeding on her apartment floor.

On October 30, 2007, Stein was found dead in her apartment in Manhattan. The county coroner ruled Stein's death a homicide and attributed the cause to "blunt impact trauma to the head and neck". At the time of her death Stein had been battling breast cancer.

On November 9, 2007, Stein's former personal assistant Natavia Lowery was arrested. According to reports the assistant killed her boss because Stein "just kept yelling at her". She also claimed that Stein had blown marijuana smoke into her face and made a racial slur, but an autopsy determined that there was no marijuana in Stein's system. While in police custody for questioning, police say Lowery waived her Miranda rights. She recounted her version of the events in a videotaped confession.
At a December 13, 2007 court hearing, however, the Lowery family disrupted the proceedings to loudly accuse Stein's daughter Mandy of killing her mother, and afterward Lowery's mother approached Mandy Stein, saying "You know you did it."
On May 3, 2010, Lowery was sentenced to the maximum 25 years to life for beating her boss to death including 3 years for the theft of $30,000 from Stein.

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Re: Linda Stein 911 Call By Daughter

Even though Natavia Lowery is behind bars for 30 years to life for the murder of Linda Stein, it doesn't mean she's staying out of trouble. Back in January she was charged with tossing urine at a jail guard on Rikers Island, and yesterday she had her day in court for the incident.

The 28-year-old, along with her cohort in the crime, Valeria Vincent, were indicted by a Bronx grand jury for tossing excrement.

If convicted they'll face up to four years for aggravated harassment, criminal mischief and obstructing governmental administration.

The hearing only lasted 5 minutes, and according to the Daily News Lowery blew kisses to her family as she left the courtroom. One of her supporters yelled: "We love you, boo!" Her lawyer, Paul Brenner, told the press: "I believe she will be fully exonerated of the charges."

Natavia Lowery's friends and family were screaming her innocence, but recently some pretty damning evidence came out about her relationship with Linda Stein, the woman she is accused of (and confessed to) murdering.

Not surprisingly, the ex-Ramones manager and "realtor to the stars" had plenty of cash, but she would have had more if her trusty assistant Ms. Lowery wasn't siphoning funds. The NY Post reports that Lowery was systematically taking money from her boss the moment she walked onto the job...and now the NYPD have a pretty good primary motive.

They say she hit the ATM so many times to withdrawal money from Stein's accounts, that there is now a financial forensic analyst working full time on the case. Lowery was originally found by police in early November in Virginia Beach, and surprise surprise, this is precisely where the money trail ended. The hefty bank account was opened right where they found her, and right where the father of her unborn child resides. She also used one of Stein's credit cards to buy a ticket there after the murder "and even pretended to be Stein to try to open more accounts" in her name. Lowery's lawyer is saying that this is just a latest in a string of lies against his client (who incidentally has identity theft on her prior record).

While there is no exact number on how much was stolen, the paperwork already found and sifted through places it in the tens of thousands.

This is all just the latest in a case that has included Lowery blaming a ninja, a brain tumor, racism and pot smoke for the murder of her old boss.
Fucking cunt, let her rot.

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Re: Linda Stein 911 Call By Daughter

911 operator was a bit of a douche.

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Re: Linda Stein 911 Call By Daughter


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Re: Linda Stein 911 Call By Daughter

so she had to fart

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Re: Linda Stein 911 Call By Daughter

ugly woman.

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