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David Hasselhoffs Daughter Calls 911, Drunk Again 

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Re: David Hasselhoffs Daughter Calls 911, Drunk Again

Originally Posted by aerofan73 View Post
He gave me the creeps on Americas got Talent. The way he would watch those women that were scantily dressed. He reminded me of a dirty old man pedophile. Yuck!
He's on Britain's got talent now. Totally ruins it for me

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Re: David Hasselhoffs Daughter Calls 911, Drunk Again

He was the BOSS in the 80/90's but sadly, didn't find work after the beach rescue series and he sadly hit rock bottom.

The man lost himself, and you know what... alot of people do. That's just life.

At the time, this incident was the WORST situation ever and very embarrassing for them all BUT.. it was THIS VERY INCIDENT THAT PUSHED HIS ENTIRE LIFE IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

He got the help he needed and he got work again. He managed to salvage his relationship with his kids and his career.

Sometimes... the WORST scenario is the very BEST THING THAT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU.

(In hindsight you do see how being 'completely honest and open' can help your life. No matter how embarrassing it may be)

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