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Armored Car Robbery And Shooting 911 Call 

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Old 04-25-2011, 07:17 PM
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Armored Car Robbery And Shooting 911 Call

Operator: 911 emergencies.
Man: I just got shot. I’m following the guy that shot me; it’s a black Chevy pickup truck. I’m on… I’m following right now.
Operator: What’s your address?
Man: I’m driving. I’m following him.
Operator: Don’t follow. Don’t follow at all. Where are you at?
Man: I’m at…north of 60. I’m following two Mexicans they shot me…
Operator: I need you to pull over.
Man: I need a hospital.
Operator: You need to pull over. Pull into a parking lot.
Man: I’m at Southern and Wart. Tell me where the nearest hospital is.
Operator: You’re at Southern and where?
Man: Tell me where the nearest hospital is.
Operator: Where are you at? Southern and what?
Man: Horne, h-o-r-n-e.
Operator: Okay, I need you to pull over. I’m going to send medics to you.
Man: Get the police, arrest them.
Operator: You need to pull over so I can send them to you.
Man: They shot my car. I’m in a white armored van. They tried to rob me. They tried to rob me.
Operator: I need you to pull over.
Man: No I want to catch them.
Operator: I do not want you to follow them. They have a gun.
Man: Where is the nearest hospital? My leg is numb. Where’s the nearest hospital?
Operator: Where are you at? Which way are you driving?
Man: …Southern, my leg is numb tell me where the nearest hospital is.
Operator: Which direction are you driving?
Man: I’m heading east.
Operator: You’re driving east on Southern?
Man: Yes, tell me where the nearest hospital is.
Operator: Can you get to Docksond and Southern.
Man: Okay. Um, I’ll try to. Okay I’m not going to follow them anymore. Have them arrested.
Operator: Okay.

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Re: Armored Car Robbery And Shooting 911 Call

A guy alone in a armored van.
Transporting valuable goods ? Thought they always travel in pairs or more.

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Re: Armored Car Robbery And Shooting 911 Call

The shooting of an armored van driver has police looking for two men who made an unsuccessful attempt to rob a check-cashing worker Friday afternoon in Mesa.
About 2 p.m., the 34-year-old driver was sitting in the Ford van in a business district near the 1600 block of South Solomon cashing checks for job site employees, said Mesa police spokesman Sgt. Chuck Trapani.

As the driver was wrapping things up, two men wearing fluorescent green shirts approached the driver’s side door and tried to pull him out of the vehicle, Trapani said.
One shot was fired into the open door and hit the driver, Trapani said. A second shot hit the windshield and appears to have ricocheted before shattering the driver’s side mirror.
The two men then fled in a black Chevy stepside pickup truck, but the driver of the van wasn’t far behind.
While chasing the truck, he called police. “He was on the phone, giving us a play by play,” Trapani said.
The pursuit took the driver west to Horne, then north to Southern Avenue where the vehicles traveled east before the van driver lost them, Trapani said.
The pickup, which could have rear-end damage, was last seen heading south on Stapley Drive near Southern.
The van came to a stop on South Spur in the 1400 block of East Southern.
The wounded driver was flown to a local hospital. Trapani did not say where the driver was shot, but said the injuries were not life-threatening.

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