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Adrien Wallace Killed His Mother and Nephew 

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Adrien Wallace Killed His Mother and Nephew

I have never heard anything like this before, the 911 call taker is fuckin amazing.

In June 2012 a Lake Oswego (Ore.) man dialed 911 and spoke to a Clackamas County dispatcher for 20 minutes, saying he had used a .308-cal. rifle to kill his mom and nephew. Adrien Wallace was convicted in June 2014 and sentenced to life in prison.

The case of Adrien Graham Wallace took an unexpected turn Tuesday when he reached a deal with prosecutors that sent him to prison for the rest of his life.

A Clackamas County jury found Wallace guilty of aggravated murder last week for killing his 71-year-old mother, Saundra Sue Wallace, and his teenage nephew, Nicholas "Nick" Brian Juarez in June 2012.

The sentencing phase of the trial was to start Tuesday.

Jurors were to decide whether Wallace should receive the death penalty, a true-life sentence or a minimum of 30 years in prison.

After conferring with his attorneys, Wallace agreed to a life sentence without parole and waived his right to appeal.

During the eight-day trial the jury heard extensive testimony about Wallace's mental health. Defense experts said he was a delusional, paranoid, schizophrenic and acting on orders from God when he killed his relatives. He never denied pulling the trigger of the Springfield M1A rifle and firing almost 20 times from point-blank range.

The 12-member jury rejected the insanity claim and took just 12 minutes to find him guilty. The lightning-fast decision shocked attorneys on both sides.

Tammy and Martin Juarez, who attended every day of the trial, remember their 16-year-old son as a boy with great promise and great compassion. Tammy Juarez is Adrien Wallace's sister and Sue Wallace's daughter

Martin Juarez noted that the trial began two years to the day after the murders. "This has been unspeakably trying for my family and myself," he said.

Nick was a talented musician with an inquiring mind and capable of great things, his parents said.

He looked for the good in everyone, said Martin Juarez.

He was a gifted drummer whose interests encompassed classic jazz and swing-era classics.

Nick filled the family's home with music and joy, Tammy Juarez said.

"You can't imagine how quiet it is without him," she said.

They remembered Sue Wallace as a caring, involved grandmother who had a deep bond with Nick and his younger sister.

For the first time since the murders, Adrien Wallace expressed remorse. But he did not directly address the court or his family.

Instead, one of his defense attorneys, David Falls, read a letter he said Wallace dictated to a defense investigator.

"I have always wanted to tell everyone I am sorry," Wallace said. "I am sorry I brought this sort of horror into your lives."

Wallace, 43, said his mother and nephew had done nothing that to warrant his homicidal rampage.

Wallace told police that he was upset by a comment Nick Juarez made the day of the shooting. The teenager and Wallace shared a love of video games. Nick was playing a game alone when Wallace heard him say, "beat it " after winning game.

Wallace took it as an affront and went on a tirade, and making a racist comment about Nick, whose father is Hispanic.

Wallace grabbed a high-powered rifle from his bedroom and killed his mother and nephew in the front yard of Sue Wallace's Lake Oswego-area home as they tried to flee his rage.

Wallace said that he now does not believe Nick snubbed him. The notion the boy made an offensive remark "was in my mind," Wallace said.

"I always liked him," Wallace said. "He was a good kid."

-- Steve Maye

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Re: Adrien Wallace Killed His Mother and Nephew

she kept her cool that's for sure.
my mother's brains are all over the driveway

Adrien Graham Wallace has mental health issues but was not psychotic, his sister Tammy Juarez testified Monday.

Wallace is accused of killing her son, Nicholas Brian Juarez, and their mother, Saundra Sue Wallace, in an execution-style murder two years ago.

Wallace is using an insanity defense. The prosecution rested Friday.

Juarez said she and her brother weren't close. She described an altercation involving her, Wallace and their mother. Juarez was 18 and home on a college break. She said she took a folding knife away from him and Wallace, then 15, hit her in the face.

Wallace has made repeated claims that Tammy Juarez physically abused him when he was five. Defense attorney David Falls asked Juarez if she ever struck Wallace "40 or 50 times with an oven rack."

Juarez said she did not hit Wallace.

Juarez recalled a conversation she had with Wallace in 2005 when their father was dying. Juarez called to notify Wallace, who was estranged from their father, that he was being moved to a nursing home.

Wallace screamed and swore at her, she said. He expressed no empathy for her or concern for their father.

A Clackamas County detective interviewed Juarez the day after the murders.

Asked if Wallace was mentally ill, Juarez responded "Oh yeah."

She qualified the statement under questioning by prosecutor Greg Horner.

Juarez said Wallace is depressed, has problems dealing with people and has poor social skills.

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Re: Adrien Wallace Killed His Mother and Nephew

Wow! Great operator. It seemed to talk ages for the police to arrive.

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Re: Adrien Wallace Killed His Mother and Nephew

she was amzing----she felt for him..there are good human beings.in the world.

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Re: Adrien Wallace Killed His Mother and Nephew

Fuck that was intense

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Re: Adrien Wallace Killed His Mother and Nephew

It definitely takes a special type of person to be a 911 operator. What they listen to on a daily basis is incredibly intense. She was excellent in keeping him on the phone and talking. I hope she was given recognition for her calm demeanor and even her compassion in a really tragic situation

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