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911 Call From The James Esquibel and Justin Belcher Break In 

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911 Call From The James Esquibel and Justin Belcher Break In

Two burglars ran out of a house after a homeowner hiding in a closet started yelling at them to 'Get out!,' according to the 911 call.

The woman called 911 in Colorado Springs from a closet last Wednesday when she saw two men come into her yard.

"Two men have just crossed my fence, and they’re trying to get into my house," the woman told a 911 operator Wednesday at 1:18 p.m.

"They’re coming into my house," the woman said seconds later.

The woman told dispatchers that she ran and hid in the closet, police said. All she could think about was what would happen if they opened those doors.

"Deliberately breaking into home, you can’t say what their intentions are," the woman said in a television interview.

During the call, the woman told the dispatcher what the men were wearing.

At one point, the dispatcher told the woman to "tap the phone once for yes and two for no."

Four minutes into the call the dispatcher is heard asking, "Are you still in the closet? Let’s be quiet then."

At 4:50 into the call the dispatcher asks the woman if she can hear the burglars in the room and she says yes.

Forty-five seconds later, the woman is heard screaming. The burglars had found her.

"Get out of here, get out," the woman can be heard screaming on the 911 call. It worked.

The men ran out of the house.

On the 911 call, the woman tells dispatchers she sees the men running down the street and police officers chasing them.

There was a short chase, but officers stopped the two men, police said.

Officers said as they searched the men, they found the victim’s cellphone in one man's pocket.

Officers arrested James Esquibel and Justin Belcher on suspicion of burglary, police said.

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Picture and Video Clip Stats.
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Re: Cant Talk - Hiding from Intruders - Tap Tap Tap

20 and 21 yo thugs. good they were caught

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Re: Cant Talk - Hiding from Intruders - Tap Tap Tap

That would have be a terrifying time for that woman. So pleased they caught the two burglars. The dispatcher’s voice was calm and understandable.

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