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911 Call About Michael Blosil, Marie Osmond's Son's, Suicide 

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911 Call About Michael Blosil, Marie Osmond's Son's, Suicide

The caller tells the dispatcher she saw someone "flying from the roof" of an apartment building in L.A. Before jumping, 18-year-old Michael Blosil left a note for a woman saying she was his only friend in L.A., and that he was very unhappy.

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Before Marie Osmond's 18-year-old son leaped to his death, he texted a friend to tell her there was a note waiting for her in his apartment.

Michael Blosil and the unidentified woman were supposed to get together Friday night, and she received his text shortly before 9 p.m.

The woman, who lives in Blosil's Los Angeles apartment building, then walked over to his flat. His roommates let her in.

Minutes after she found the note, they heard the sound of sirens outside the window. The note said that the woman was his only close friend in L.A. and that he was depressed.

While the note did not mention suicide specifically, it did list things he would be doing for the last time, the Web site said.

Blosil's roommates were unaware of what was going on, but they became alarmed after the woman read the note. They then heard sirens and saw emergency vehicles on the street below and realized what had happened.

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Re: Marie Osmond's Son -- The 911 Call

How could you go on after yer son took his life. i've heard Marie Osmond suffers from depression too.

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Re: Marie Osmond's Son -- The 911 Call

Perhaps the depression toughened her up to the point where she could handle it....that's what it has done for me

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