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Portisheads Beth Gibbons 

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Re: Portisheads Beth Gibbons

Originally Posted by ZombieGoreGasm View Post
I want her. Is she gay?
It's difficult to find much info about her, she's so private. So far here's what I've found, it's not much though:



10/10/2002 Uk's Gay.com runs a competition for Beth Gibbons


General info: Beth Gibbons was born January 4th, 1965, in Exeter, UK, and raised on a small farm twenty miles outside of town with three sisters. "We all had an enormous amount of work to do on the farm," recalls Beth in one of her early interviews. "Everyone had to roll up their sleeves; it wasn't really the time for moods."

You could say Beth was a quiet child, forgoing the night life in the city nearby and preferring to stay home with her mother and listen to records. Finally, at the age of 22, Beth, who had decided to forgo any sort of university experience, made up her mind to move to Bristol and take her chances as a singer. After a rather unsuccesful career as a bar chanteuse, she came across Geoff Barrow and the rest was history.

For Beth and Geoff, the media pressure grew too strong to handle after the taste of success 'Dummy' brought along. They decided Geoff would do all the interviews if Beth would do all the photo shoots. As a result, Beth hasn't given an interview since the early press junket to promote Dummy. That has nothing to do with her supposed shyness nor that she'd want to conceal her not so glamorous pub-rock past. It's just that her songs are about things that are very personal to her - she doesn't want to have to talk to the press and reveal stuff that's private.

Also, Beth's afraid that if she did interviews, it would affect the way she thinks about writing songs. Beth feels that she can't express herself in a half-hour telephone interview, and she's afraid to be wrongly represented by false quotations. She also thinks she has already said everything she wanted to say in her lyrics.

Nowadays Beth has her own little studio in the countryside in which she writes music for Portishead. She records the songs and sends them to the other band members in Bristol where they do their part and send it back to Beth and so on. This is the recording process Portishead have used on their last albums.

In October 2002 Beth released her debut solo album 'Out Of Season' with help from Paul Webb of Talk Talk.

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Re: Portisheads Beth Gibbons

glory box best song ever

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I loooooove Portishead, and Beth is stunning.

I saw them years ago, she was utterly hypnotizing.


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