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Sonoma Pallet Factory Explosion

Pallet factory explosion, California Sonoma County pallet factory propane tank explosion. Gas Tank explosion sends flames 20m into the air at a pallet factory in Sonoma County, California.

The fire started about 1.30pm when sparks from a tow truck ignited dry grass on the side of the highway.

No one was injured but as many as 1000 residents were left without power following the explosion.

Heat from the fire blew out at least one overhead electrical transformer.

In all, five structures were destroyed or damaged and about 10 cars burned.

Picture and Video Clip Stats.
File Type: mp4 Massive%20Propane%20Tank%20Explosion%20at%20Pallet%20Company%20_%20Raw%20Foota.mp4(3.39 MB, 108 views)
File Type: mp4 BLEVE%201%2C000-gallon%20Propane%20Tank%20Exploded%20Sonoma%20County.mp4(2.78 MB, 54 views)
File Type: mp4 Sonoma%20Pallet%20Factory%20Explosion%20Sept%208th%202013.mp4(1.89 MB, 62 views)
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Re: Sonoma Pallet Factory Explosion

I wonder how far away the camera guy is, it doesnt look that big to me

Don't worry Dale, I'll only stick it in halfway..

Out of my way, Dildo !

Hey, scram you horny Joiks!

Why not do the "Flesh Gordon is dead" dance at you're next party.

I wish Codball was at the Olympics.
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Re: Sonoma Pallet Factory Explosion

Holy shit.

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Re: Sonoma Pallet Factory Explosion

great ball of fire

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