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Fleeing Shoplifting Student Accidentally Shot in the Head by a Cop

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Fleeing Shoplifting Student Accidentally Shot in the Head by a Cop 

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Old 03-03-2017, 02:50 AM
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Turkey, A 16-year-old high school student that was detained on 16 February with his friend, as they were suspected of shoplifting, managed to escape.

When they ran down the street with their hands cuffed to eachother a police officer, waving his gun, catches up on them and hit one of them in the head with his gun. Just before this the gun accidentally went off sending a bullet into the boy's head. He died.
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cannot understand why the cop felt that he had to knock him on the head,the victim had stopped running and was not presenting any seeable danger.
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Sad an all, yeah the cop was probably in the wrong for hitting the kid after they'd already stopped running.................. BUT, and that's a big BUT's pretty simple, had those kids not ran in the first place, they never would have put that cop in that situation to begin with. Decided to make a run for it, for shoplifting, obviously not worth it in the end. I'm sorry the kid died, but, he brought that shit on himself. People really don't understand karma, she's an evil cunt. As little as it may seem these kids tried to mess with someone else's life, and well-being, but Karma wasn't having it.
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The cop puts his handgun down on the ground. Doesn't seem like a smart move!
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Sad he died but i feel sorry for the cop as well you can see his fear. They both lost.
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Sorry but a person who takes a job to protect the public has no right whatsoever to hit a person on the head with his gun PRECISELY because it could go off accidentally, which of course it did. I understand that they were running but at the point of recapture the suspects has STOPPED running and were obviously giving up, no justification for the officer to use a gun for ANY purpose at that point! Naturally he will probably not face any charges, personally if it had been my son who was shot I'd track down who killed him and offer him redemption (of a sort lol) x
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all these **** here blaming the cop, dont be a roach criminal and this wont happen to you
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Deadly accidents are more likely to happen when stupid people that are handcuffed decide to run away. As if they believed they would get away with it by running. And this cop was the worst incompetent cop around for them to test this way.
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Going off the cops irrational "bashing on the head with a loaded gun" move, God only knows why they decided to run. I wouldn't put anything past the cop at this point.
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