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Female Al-Jazeera Correspondent Killed During Israeli Army Raid

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Female Al-Jazeera Correspondent Killed During Israeli Army Raid 

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Old 05-11-2022, 05:29 AM
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A veteran Palestinian-American journalist was shot dead during an Israeli army raid in the West Bank city of Jenin on Wednesday morning, with Israel and Palestinians trading accusations of responsibility.

Al-Jazeera correspondent S. A. A, 51, was shot in the head while covering the Israeli army operation in the city, which has seen high tensions in recent days. In footage from the scene after she was shot, she can be seen wearing a press vest and helmet.

The Palestinian Authority Health Ministry and Palestinian witnesses, including other journalists, charged that Israeli troops raiding the city fired the gunshots that killed her. The Israeli government claimed that armed Palestinians likely mistakenly shot and killed her.

Palestinian health officials also reported that another journalist Ali Samoudi — who works for the Al-Quds newspaper — was shot in the back. He was said to be in stable condition.

According to the Israeli military, troops entered a refugee camp and the nearby town of Burqin to arrest terror suspects. After a wave of terror attacks in Israeli cities, soldiers have stepped up their raids in the West Bank in an effort to tamp down the violence.

“During the operation, suspects fired an enormous amount of gunfire at troops and hurled explosive devices. [Israeli] forces fired back” the Israeli army said in a statement.

“Hits were identified,” the military added, although there were no reports of Palestinian casualties beyond the two journalists.

The army said it was “looking into the possibility that journalists were injured, potentially by Palestinian gunfire.”

In video from the scene, Palestinian gunmen can be seen firing off rounds; at one point, one Palestinian says that an Israeli soldier was hit by gunfire.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said the government backed the soldiers’ actions.

“According to the information in our hands right now, there is a good chance that armed Palestinians, firing wildly, brought about the tragic death of the journalist,” Bennett said in a statement.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas called her death an “execution” and “an ugly crime.” The Hamas terror group accused Israel of “deliberately assassinating” her.

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Now THAT is not cool
Reporters don't get enough credit for some of the situations they have to endure so the rest of us can have something interesting to read at the breakfast table. Poor lady
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I don't feel sorry for that lady at all.
she knew the risks she was taking. that PRESS vest doesn't make you invincible.
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Originally Posted by MrFlibble View Post
It always seems to me that Palestinians like to throw stones, fire guns, throw bombs, launch rockets into populated areas etc... but get butt hurt pretty quick when the Israeli's shoot back.
I mean, of Israel took over their land and segregated them into shitty enclaves with massive unemployment and little economic paths to success. You can't help but want to destroy Israel.
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Gold Jacket,Green Jacket.....Who gives a shit!?
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Play with fire long enough your ass is gonna get burnt
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~ Hazards of the occupation, Noted.
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Fuck the occupation.
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Another in a long history of Israeli war crimes
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What COD map is this??
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